Here’s Adele’s Best Quotes (So Far!) From Her Aussie Concerts


Music superstar Adele wowed Brisbane at the weekend with two incredible concerts on her first ever Australian tour, and the singer has also proved she’s the undisputed Queen of Onstage Banter.

After shows in Perth at the end of last month, on Saturday and Sunday 60,000 of us poured into the Gabba in Brisbane to watch Adele deliver a collection of her hits from the 360-degree stage.


Brisbane fans took to social media to rave not only about the singer’s stunning vocals but also her hilarious banter – including a few choice words for local politicians – as she opened up to the audience as if among friends.

“Throughout the show I will talk quite a lot, because when I’m nervous I do talk. You’re cheering now, but when it turns out the show is about five hours with about ten songs, you’ll be booing me at that point,” she quipped in Perth.

Below are some of the funniest and sweetest quotes from her first Australian shows:

On Brisbane politicians bickering about her venue: “I know there was a bit of controversy about me playing the Gabba. I think they should shut up with their bloody moaning, f–king hell, shut up! I’m happy to be in Brisbane. I’m sorry if I’m not where you want me to be but I’m here so shut up.”

On Australian wildlife: “There’s a cockroach on the stage, but I’m not going to freak out because you’re all used to it. There’s a f–king cockroach on stage… And a f—ing fly in my tea!”

“There’s a beetle on my stage… I just saw a cockroach. Oh my god, run for your life… I’m loving it, it’s a sanctuary up here.”

On her near-wardrobe malfunction in Brisbane: “I nearly tripped up those stairs, did you see me? I’ve never worn a dress like this, I’m basically celebrating Beauty and the Beast coming out… but I forgot to lift it up and tried to run up and nearly fell over. I’m sure you heard my dodgy note afterwards, I f–king s–t myself.”

On Australian weather: “Obviously I’m not cut out for this weather and I can’t have air con because it dries out my vocal chords, so I’ve been sweating like a pig.”

“I’ve only got one of these dresses, so it’s going to stink in a few shows.”

“My makeup has already come off. I’m shining, shall I wipe it? I don’t know, maybe it makes me look a bit more real. I’m sure you’re not sweating as much as me because you’re used to it. But you also haven’t got your face on a 40-foot high screen in front of this many people. Oh my god, even my eyelids are sweating.”

On her touring schedule: “I’m knackered. I don’t know how Beyonce does it.”


On drinking: “All I wanna do is have a Smirnoff Ice, but I can’t drink. It’s alright to have one, right? Do you have Smirnoff Ice here, the alcopop? F–king love a Smirnoff Ice!”

“Normally I can drink anyone under the table but I can’t do that with an Australian. I’ll get alcohol poisoning.”

On Internet trolls: “At the Grammy’s, I wore this green dress and everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek. They did! I don’t f–king care, it was Givenchy Couture, they can say what they want!”

On what she wants us to take from her music: “I hope that you all love music and it narrates your life and soundtracks it and it helps you because that’s what music does for me. I just want to you know I really appreciate you coming out to my concert. This is my first ever stadium show and I will never, ever, ever forget this, thank you so much. I hope it was worth the wait.”

Adele will next perform in Sydney next weekend, followed by Adelaide, Melbourne and New Zealand in the coming weeks.

(Top photo via Instagram)

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