Here’s A Great Way To Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Brazilian Beauty

Finding the perfect thing to get Mum for Mother’s Day can be exhausting.

There’s only so many gift vouchers, candles and flowers you can get her before it starts to feel a little overdone.

Sometimes it’s more interesting to find a different experience, something that will make her feel just a bit more special and in this case, a little more beautiful.

This year we went for something different: a chance to both do something together and make her feel beautiful for the day.

Our destination: Brazilian Beauty. A stellar plan, because as good as it is to do something for someone else, it’s even better when you can treat yourself too. So, for this trip we went as a trio: me, the hubby and mum.

We each needed something different to pretty ourselves up, and settled on their East Brisbane location tucked away just across the river as the perfect place to indulge.

Although Mum is pushing gently into her sixties you wouldn’t know it. Even so, she was happy for a little ‘maintenance’ and settled on a half hour facial and an eyelash lift.

Meanwhile I’d decided it was time to tame the beasts: my eyebrows. I’d always considered the process a simple ‘whack and rip’. Instead, the therapist worked like a gardener on an unruly yard, gently trimming, waxing, shaping and plucking.

After all that work I was terrified the result would leave me looking like a Geordie Shore left over. However, they’d never looked better.

Whilst we were getting our treatment my hubby experienced the new Dermal Pen Hair Rejuvenation.

The process involved something akin to a small tattoo needle gently run across the scalp to encourage the area where hair currently grows to continue. Continued treatment offered him a long-term solution to increase hair growth overall and a more promising future for his scalp.

But back to the real reason we were here. A simple half-hour facial had Mum visibly glowing but more importantly she was relaxed. The icing on the cake was her eyelash lift which she had been most excited about. The difference was immediate, as was the smile on her face.

Such a simple procedure had managed to lift them perfectly accentuating her eyes and giving them a real definition without the aid of any makeup. She was thrilled!

The most important thing that money couldn’t buy was the smile on mums face and her renewed confidence. It wasn’t hard to see from the relaxation in her body language that what mum had really needed this Mother’s Day was some time to unwind and focus on herself, something more mums probably need to do.

For more about the treatments on offer at Brazilian Beauty, visit their website here.

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