Here are all the nominees for the 2023 DIVA Awards

The 2023 DIVA Awards are being hosted by Carmen Geddit. Photo: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG.)

Sydney’s first Drag Industry Variety Awards (DIVAs) since the pandemic will have a special focus on drag under lockdown, with two new special categories recognising Sydney’s drag community’s efforts to keep reaching audiences during Covid.

“This year on top of our annual awards, we’re acknowledging the incredible work of drag queens and their co-hosts/guests for their dedication and entertainment during the pandemic,” the organisers of the DIVAs said ahead of the event.

“There are two awards, best online show, and best “4Sqm venue” shows. Drag queens kept us entertained during lockdowns, helped get us back on our feet post lockdowns, then repeated it all over again.

“We cannot be more grateful for the joy they brought us while we were all locked down and going just a bit stir-crazy. So thank you!”

This year’s awards ceremony will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the event after the organisation was forced to postpone its official anniversary in 2021 due to Covid restrictions.

The August 21 event at the Paddington RSL sold out in just days after tickets went on sale in July and is being hosted by Sydney drag identity and 2012 and 2018 DIVAs winner Carmen Geddit.

The full list of categories and nominees is as follows, though you can also write in anyone you feel has missed out while voting online:

Favourite Showgirl:

Annie Mation, April-Mae June, Aunty Tamara, Beverly Buttercup, Candy Box, Carmen Geddit, Cassandra the Queen, Cassie Nova, Champagne, Charisma Belle, Charlamaine, Cherry Wiangsa, Coco Jumbo, Conchita Grande, Crystal Ball, Dakota Fann’ee, Damnit Janet, Danni Issues, Dawn Service, Demi Domore, Diana Whole, Diva Attenbra, Dizzy Bility, Dominique Topp, Domino Trixx, Etcetera Etcetera, Fairah Nuff, Faux Fur, Felicity Frockaccino, Hannah Conda, Hollywould Star, Indi Pendant, Ivy League, Jackie Daniels, Jacqui St. Hyde, June Richards, Kalin Klien, Karma Bites, Karma Isavich, Karna Ford, Keira Billie, Krystal Kleer, Lada Marks, LayDee KinMee, Les, Beau Fierce, Logan The Drag Queen, Lotta Glitta, Marilyn Mootrub, Maureen A’Moans, Maxi Shield, Michelle Mayhem, Minnie Cooper, Moana Lisa, Mulan, Mynx Moscato, Naomi Palmer, Ophelia Shaft, Paris Cite, Peach DQ, Peaches Queen, Penny D, Penny Tration, Pomara Fifth, Prada Clutch, Raquel Feltch, Riot, Sia Tequila, Spacehorse, Tina Bikki, Tomi The Drag Queen, Tora Hymen, Trevor Ashley, Trinket Estrange, Vanity, Verushka Darling, Victoria Anthony, Victoria Mami, and Vybe.

Sydney’s Favourite Drag Show:

B.F.F (Bitch, it’s Fireball Fridays) (Vybe, Pomara Fifth) – Universal
Best Little Whorehouse In The Inner West (Tina Bikki, Eli Crawford, Sia Tequila, Ivy League, Jacqui St. Hyde) – Imperial Hotel
Bring It On (Logan, Karna Ford) – Universal
Drags To Bitches (LayDee KinMee, Maureen A’Moans, Marilyn Mootrub, Ophelia Shaft, Paris Cite, Crystal Ball) – Campbelltown RSL, Oxford Village, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, Revesby Workers, Central Coast Leagues
Dynamite Divas (Dakota Fann’ee, Dani Issues, Charlamaine) – Imperial Hotel
Everlasting Night (Minnie Cooper Mynx Moscato April-Mae June) – Stonewall Hotel
Furfection (Faux Fur) – Arq
Glamourise (Vybe, Carmen Geddit) – Universal
Glitz’n’Glam (Dakota Fann’ee, Riot, Kalin Klien, Damnit Janet) – Imperial Hotel
Herstory (Charisma Belle, Carmen Geddit, Sia Tequila) – Arq
Intergalactique (Tina Bikki, Eli Crawford, Spacehorse) – Universal
IslandHerz (Karma Bites, Les Beau Fierce, Raquel Feltch, Moana Lisa, Demi DoMore) – Universal
It’s Arqonic, Bitch! (Victoria Mami, Dolly Pocket, Karma Isavich) – Arq
Love Celebration World Pride Show (Charisma Belle, Carmen Geddit and Cassandra the Queen) – Stonewall Hotel
Photosynthetic (Coco Jumbo, Jacqui St. Hyde, Tina Bikki) – Oxford Hotel
Prada Clutch’s All Drag Revue (Prada Clutch, Conchita Grande, Charlamaine) – Norths Cammeray, Junior Kingsford, Blacktown Workers, Campbeltown Catholic Club, Castle Hill RSL, Penrith Panthers
Prada Clutch’s Les Divas (Prada Clutch, Conchita Grande, Charlamaine) – Norths Cammeray, Junior Kingsford, Blacktown Workers, Campbeltown Catholic Club, Castle Hill RSL, Penrith Panthers
Renaissance (Karna Ford) – Poof Doof
Rood Food 2 (Etc Etc, Dammit Janet, Dakota Fann’ee, Riot, Peach Fuzz, Kalin Klein) – Imperial Hotel
That’s Drag (Felicity Frockaccino, Raquel Feltch, Sexy Galexy, Spacehorse, Fariah Nuff, Dakota Fann’ee) – Colombian Hotel
The Fatty & Skinny Show (Maxi Shield, Jacqui St. Hyde) – Oxford Hotel
Unigods (Sia Tequila, Eli Crawford) – Universal
Unique (Sia Tequila, Eli Crawford, Champagne) – Universal
Wonderland (Minnie Cooper, Mynx Moscato, April-Mae June) – Stonewall Hotel
You’re Terrible Muriel (Tina Bikki, Eli Crawford, Etcetera Etcetera, Spacehorse, Demi Domore) – Imperial Hotel

Sydney’s Favourite Venue:

Arq, Bank Hotel, Beresford Hotel, Burdekin Hotel, Ching-a-lings, Colombian Hotel, Coopers Hotel, Darlo Bar, Imperial Hotel, ivy, Kings Cross Hotel, Kinselas, Miss Wolf, Oxford Hotel, Palms, Stonewall Hotel, and Universal.

Sydney’s Favourite DJ:

AAAgent, Alex Taylor, Autone, Brett Reasling, Canned Fruit, Carla From Bankstown, Chip, Clara Fable, Cris Pepper, Dad’s Mayo, Dan Condon, Dan Murphy, Division 4, Dmitri, Dom De Sousa, Fetch, Flywaves, Gay Nanna, Greg Boladian, Hamo, Jake Kilby, James Alexandr, James D, James Queen, James Tobin, JD, Jimmy James, Johnny Blue Boy, Justin Rawrs, Justin Scott, Kate Monroe, Kitty Glitter, Leo Araujo, Loo-E, Louis Eudo, Mason Andrews, Munza, Nate, Neil Hume, Rachel K, Ray Isaac, Rob Davis, Sam Craft, Shanie D, Simon Rooke, Sparkle is Back, Sveta, Tom Foolery, Tom Pritchard, Tom Rogers, Victoria Anthony, and WasteLand.

Sydney’s Favourite Drag Hostess:

Annie Mation, Aunty Tamara, Carmen Geddit, Cassandra the Queen, Coco Jumbo, Charisma Belle, Dakota Fann’ee, Dammit Janet, Danni Issues, Diva Attenbra, Dominique Topp, Etcetera Etcetera, Fairah Nuff, Faux Fur, Felicity Frockaccino, Hannah Conda, Ivy League, Jackie Daniels, Jacqui St., Hyde, June Richards, Kalin Klein, Karma Bites, Keira Billie, Krystal Kleer, Lada Marks, LayDee KinMee, Les Beau Fierce, Lotta Glitta, Marilyn Mootrub, Maxi Shield, Michelle Mayhem, Minnie Cooper, Moana Lisa, Naomi Palmer, Peach Fuzz, Peaches Queen, Penny D, Penny Tration, Pomara Fifth, Prada Clutch, Raquel Feltch, Riot, Sia Tequila, Tina Bikki, Tora Hymen, Verushka Darling, Victoria Anthony, Victoria Mami, Vybe, and Bettie.

Sydney’s Favourite Male Performer:

Cameron Forwood, Casper, Chris Coombs, Cristiano Bhering, Daniel Lavercombe, Eli Crawford,, Hayden Baulch, Heath Keating, James Vidgal, Jason Massey, Kalin Klien, Kevin In The City, Leonardo Henri, Leyton Homburg, Logan Dunstan, Luca Cotza, Lucas Glover, Mitch Hatton, Pablo Barreto, Rafael Bittencourt, Rhys Bobridge, Sam Ma Chong, Sexy Galexy, Steve Mill, Steven Sheik Hossen, Thomas Peisley, and Troy Stone.

Sydney’s Favourite Pub Event:

Absolut Wonderland (The Oxford)
Bingay (The Beresford)
Boys Bar Up (Stonewall Hotel)
Cocktail Queens (Stonewall Hotel)
Dildo Derby (Oxford Hotel)
Drag (Cards) Against Humanity (Oxford Hotel)
Drag Bingo (Bingo Bitch) (The Salisbury Hotel, Ashfield Bowling Club, Town & Country, Wests Illawara, Jewels Tavern, Darlo Bar, Tudor Hotel)
Drag Bingo (Imperial Hotel Erskinville)
Drag Bingo (Green Park Hotel, Zetland Pub)
Drag’n’Dine (Imperial Hotel)
GAWJ (Ching-a-Lings)
GenderBender Bingo (Potts Point Hotel, Coopers Hotel Newtown)
Hangover Sundays (Stonewall Hotel)
Heaven Social Dance (Cabra Bowls)
Hospo Mondays (Universal)
I’m Queer Get Me Out of Here (Universal)
Kath & Kim Drag Bingo (St. Mary’s RLC, Harmonie German Club, Blackwork Workers, Camden Civic, Wenty Leagues)
Malebox (Stonewall Hotel)
Naughty Numbers (Bingo With A Twist) (The Oxford, Penrith Paceway, Ambarvale Hotel, Clarendon Hotel, Club Liverpool, Campbelltown RSL, Tradies Caringbah, Johnny Tapas.)
Penny D Trivia (The Oxford Hotel)
Poof Doof’s Next Drag Super Star (Poof Doof)
Rupaul’s Drag Race Viewing Parties (Universal)
Showgirl Sundays (Stonewall Hotel)
Showtime! Drag Variety (Miss Wolf)
Slay 4 Pay (Universal)
Spritz or Swallow (Burdekin Hotel)
Stonewall Karaoke (Stonewall Hotel)
Sunday Shenanigans (Universal)
The Big Fact Hunt (Bank Hotel, Warrenview Hotel, Olympic Hotel, Kings Cross Hotel, The Townie, Miss Wolf)
Trans Glamore (Stonewall Hotel)

Covid Lockdown Online Variety Show:

Annie Gayme Will Do (Annie Mation)
Corona Conflama (June Richards)
Faux Mondays (Faux Fur)
Follow That Star! (June Richards)
Fri-YAY Drag Bingo (Prada Clutch)
Gender Bender Bingo (Penny Tration)
Impy Air (Dammit Janet, Kalin Klein)
June’s Iso Birthday Bash (June Richards)
Let’s Talk About Sex (Verushka Darling)
Live from Stonewall (Minnie Cooper)
Lunchtime Lockdown (Penny Tration, Dan Murphy)
Pandemic Pandamonium (June Richards)
Psychic Saturdays (Pomara Fifth, Tina Bikki, Vybe, Marilyn Mootrub)
The Last Lockdown (Penny Tration, Tora Hymen)
PostPonium (June Richards)
Quaran-Stream (June Richards)
Slay Live (Carmen Geddit, Charisma Belle)
Sunday Night Live (Charisma Belle)
The Quiz Queen Trivia (Domino Trixx)
Tration In Isolation (Penny Tration)

Covid Post Lockdown Show or Event:

A Night In Paris (Minnie Cooper, Mynx Moscato, Jacqui St. Hyde) – Beresford Hotel
Absolutely Christmas (Minnie Cooper, Tora Hymen, Mynx Moscato, Coco Jumbo) – Beresford Hotel
Bring Back My Girls! (Vanity, Maxi, Tora, Carmen, Lada, Mynx, Ivy, Hannah, Coco, Minnie, Sia) – Stonewall Hotel
Drag Bingo (Prada Clutch) – Green Park Hotel, Zetland Pub
Drag It Up Christmas (Lotta Glitta) – Paddington RSL
Dynamite Divas (Danni Issues, Dakota Fann’ee, Charlamaine) – Imperial Hotel
Let’s Get Quizzical (Kevininthecity) – Beresford Hotel
Poof Doof Drag Brunch (Danni Issues, Marlyin Mootrub, Sia Tequila, Coco Jumbo) – Ivy
Premiere (Charisma Belle, Carmen Geddit, Hannah Conda, Vybe, SIa Tequila) – Universal
Queen of Thailand (Cherry, Katherine, Nadia) – Thai Rock
Step Back In Time (Minnie Cooper, Mync Moscato, Jacqui St. Hyde) – Beresford Hotel
Sunday Shenanigans (Les Beau Fierce, Karma Bites, Raqel Feltch) – Universal
The Priscilla’s Experience (Dammit Janet, Etcetera Etcetera, Ruby Royale, Kalin Klein, Peach Fuzz, Riot, Farren Heit, Doreen Manganini) – Imperial Hotel
Trivia @ Imperial Hotel (Dakota Fann’ee, Fran Giapanni) – Imperial Hotel

You can vote for your favourites at

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Andrew has been covering LGBTQIA+ issues for a range of publications in Australia over two decades and was the Asia-Pacific correspondent for global LGBTQIA+ news website Gay Star News.

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  1. Wil huia Hudson
    14 August 2023

    What a shame it’s booked out!
    Why didn’t you pick a bigger venue?
    Is there an area for standing room only?
    Very disappointing…

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