Henny Spaghetti: ‘I’m divine, delicious and dumb’

henny spaghetti
photo: Joel Devereux

Meet Henny Spaghetti, the hilarious show-stopping drag queen whose performances have been leaving Brisbane’s wigs snatched. 

Henny first performed for audiences back in 2018 after spending a year refining her look and persona.

She said in the beginning of her transition into drag, she would watch YouTube tutorials to help her polish her looks.

Then, when she felt ready she went out on the town, and boy are we glad she did.

QN Magazine sat down with Henny Spaghetti to find out just where her genius derives and honey, we weren’t disappointed.

Henny’s inspiration comes from all across the globe. She even got her name from Drag Race royalty Aja.


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“I get inspiration from everywhere! From the WWE to the Nintendo Wii,” she said.

So it was no surprise when she performed her Dragnation finale performance in a boxing robe. A performance that nabbed her second place.

“My most iconic and memorable performance was my Italian Stallion Mix that I performed for the Dragnation final,” she said.

“I was so very proud of that number as it was one of the first concepts I ever wanted to perform in drag.”

Henny looks up to other AFAB performers like Landon Cider and Creme Fatale.

But she has several local idols too, looking up to Brisbane household names Tina Bikki and Scarlett Fever.

Hostess Bebe Gunn is also Henny’s Drag Mother making the Gold Coast queen a member of the Haus of Gunn.

1920s ballroom saw the rise of Haus culture

Henny says being a part of a Haus in the drag community offers support to fellow members of the LGBTIQ community.

“The most important part of a Haus is unwavering support of each other and genuine friendship,” she said. 

“But sometimes the idea of a Haus can get confused with the idea of taking credit for the work people do, or to be associated with the name of a bigger queen,

“I just always try to have a support system of friends in drag, one where we can all support each other.”

Assigned female at birth, Henny said labels can also make drag confusing and can at times discredit her art. 

She said a lot of effort goes into her performances and denying her drag queen status can often be disheartening. 

“I am a drag queen. I’m not a bio queen, I’m not a hyper queen, I’m not a faux queen,” she said. 

“I do drag and I’d like to say I do it well. I work too hard to be discredited because of what I am out of drag.” 


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Henny Spaghetti wants you to go see drag

Above all, Henny encourages people from all walks of life to experience a night of drag. 

She said Brisbane offers some of the best drag in the country and wants everyone to seek more of it. 

“If you haven’t been to a VIP Thursday at Sporties with Mandy Moobs and Vollie Lavont, you haven’t lived,” she said. 

You can catch Henny Spaghetti performing songs like American Boy and What You Waiting For? every Sunday at the Stand. 

She will also be at the Sportsman Hotel in the near future handing over her Smackdown crown.

“Come to my shows! Go and see drag, talk to people, make friends. Drag really changes lives.” 


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