HELP SAVE QNews by MAY 31st please? – Please watch the video below!

QNews needs your help and there are only a few days left!  Thank you to the many people and groups that have sent messages of support and encouragement.

We have almost doubled the pledges in the last few days, and we can do this with your help.


Thank you for the many many messages of support, they are much appreciated.


Shelley Argent PFLAG (short video) – CLICK HERE
Gina – President of ATSAQ (short video) – CLICK HERE
Krissie – Secretary ATSAQ (short video) – CLICK HERE
Steve – Vice President Brisbears (short video) – CLICK HERE
Toby – QNews Editor (short video) – CLICK HERE

For an overview of the campaign  (longer video) CLICK HERE

We are running an online Pozible crowd funding campaign to help us survive!  OUR DEADLINE IS MAY 31st (with a  Monday morning cut-off) Under the rules we need to reach our target or else we receive nothing.

Unfortunately on the back of four major increases in the price of postage, servicing regional Queensland, Northern NSW and the NT is becoming increasingly difficult so we have launched this online campaign to fight for our survival. You can help us by pledging (even just a few dollars) at

SHELLEY ARGENTWhile we are able to website connect with more and more people through our website, and social media, the printed magazine remains vitally important to many people, particularly elderly LGBTI people and people in regional areas where LGBTI isolation is often at its worst. Not everybody has access to a private computer or smart phone access across regional areas.

QNews is the only fortnightly LGBT publication based in Queensland that delivers throughout Queensland, Northern NSW and the NT. We believe it is important for us to continue to provide a service for all LGBT people across the state, not just those who live in the capital city where LGBT resources and support are more readily accessible.

We have re-shaped our model with an upgraded website platform that is faster, more mobile friendly, and our future is bright but we can’t do it without your help. Please support us by making a pledge today at

We support over 120 community groups through our FREE website plus communicate with over 110,000 people.

We need you help to continue.  If we don’t meet our target on then we receive $0.  OUR DEADLINE IS MAY 31st (with a  Monday morning cut-off)