Heather and Rachel share their IVF story on Big Miracles

Heather and Rachel stand in front of a picture of a baby and mother for Channel 9 show Big Miracles which features IVF couples.

Heather and Rachel shared their IVF journey on Channel 9’s Big Miracles program. They chatted to QNews about why they felt it was important to tell their story. 

Heather and Rachel’s journey started well before the cameras of Big Miracles entered their lives.  

The couple met through online dating and after a little back-and-forth eventually went on their date and had an immediate connection. 

“We were pretty obsessed with each other, things moved pretty quickly and about a year into the relationship we started talking about babies,” Rachel says.  

The couple did their research and when they were ready, started looking at their donor options.  

Heather said that chatting to an IVF specialist is the best first step once you make that decision.  

“The advice I would give is to have an initial appointment with an IVF specialist, they can run through your options and it’s the best way to start your journey,” she said.  

Their IVF journey 

Once they decided to go ahead they had something to work out together.  

“At first Rachel wanted a known donor and I wanted them to be anonymous, but over time we talked about it and we came to a decision to have a known donor,” Heather says.  

With a donor sorted, they started their journey in 2022 and Rachel fell pregnant on their first attempt.  

However, at almost 29 weeks, she stopped feeling her baby move. She was admitted to hospital and gave birth to their daughter Eden.  

Tragically, Eden passed five days later.  

Starting IVF again was a tough choice for the couple but they felt they needed to.  

“There wouldn’t be a ‘right time’ for us but we didn’t want to have that fear. All we knew is that we wanted a family and we didn’t want that delay so we decided to move forward with it,” Rachel explains.  

Big Miracles 

Not only did they decide to go through another round of IVF they also chose to take part in  Channel 9’s Big Miracles program.  

The show features couples exploring the highs and lows of starting a family. 

Filmed in Virtus Health clinics, the docuseries captures the candid moments of real Australian couples looking to start a family.  

The couple decided to take part to help others going through their own journey. 

“We just found the whole IVF process really isolating and lonely and we didn’t have other people with experiences like us,” Rachel says.  

“We wanted to share our story and help others going through the same process.”  

They also recognise the importance of featuring a same-sex couple. 

“I think it’s really important to normalise it, however, we didn’t want it to be the main storyline there’s just a lot of different families out there so it’s important to have that diversity,” Heather says.  

However, talking about loss is also just as important for Rachel and Heather.  

“We know how it actually feels going through a loss. So I just think it’s important to tell that story for a lot of people going through that out there and I hope we can encourage people to be more open about it,” Heather says.  


Heather and Rachel’s fertility specialist, A/Professor Gavin Sacks from IVFAustralia, said the stars of Big Miracles are the courageous couples and individuals who reveal their fertility journeys on the show.

 “Families today are blended and created in many ways, including using donor eggs and sperm. My role as a fertility specialist is to help guide my patients with the considerations and process of choosing a sperm donor, either known or de-identified.”

 “IVFAustralia’s donor program provides counselling for donors and recipients to discuss and agree upon the level of involvement that the donor will have. To consider the legal implications of donation, and how the donor’s identifying information will be given to the NSW Health Central Register, so children born from donation can access it once they turn 18. Counselling is a critical part to ensure all parties understand the long-term implications of the donor decision,” said Dr Sacks.

 You can follow the couple’s full journey on Channel 9’s Big Miracles.

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