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healthy relationship

It’s easy to know you’re in a healthy relationship. You feel happy, safe, supported and respected. Your partner does not tell you what you can do or who you can see. They do not monitor your behaviour to ensure compliance. Domestic and family violence is not about conflict. It is about power and control. In …

My Health Record stock photo supplied by federal government

Australians have been reminded they have until Thursday (January 31) to opt out of the government’s My Health Record scheme after the deadline was extended over concerns about privacy and security. Medical records will be stored on a national database under the federal government scheme, to be viewed by patients, GPs, specialists, pharmacists and hospital …

HIV antibody

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed that the medical records of over 14,000 HIV-positive people from all over the world have been leaked. The sensitive information was leaked by an authorized person authorities have identified as Mikhy K. Farrera Brochez, an American who was deported from Singapore last year. Information included in the leaked …

Trans Women

I recently received some questions about the risk of breast cancer for transgender women on HRT, so I thought I would try to present the current most up-to-date knowledge in this area. We simply don’t have enough population data to be able to give an accurate risk, but we can look at cohort data. The …

Brisbane LGBTIQ specialist Dr Fiona Bisshop

Silly season is in full swing again, and it’s all office parties, Christmas parties, NYE parties and big club events. Whilst it’s wonderful to be able to let your hair down and enjoy your hard-earned fun, it’s important not to let your health take a back seat. Sometimes at such events you might end up …

Gay conversion fiona bisshop

“Gay conversion” therapy is in the news again, with concerns that the practice is again on the rise. In the past, this kind of reparative “therapy” was offered as a cure for homosexuality, but the practice fell out of favour after being condemned by the UN, the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Psychological Association. …

domestic violence

Healthy relationships work best when they are built on love and mutual respect, but sometimes people can find themselves stuck in a relationship that is more about abuse and control… this is domestic violence. It can happen to anyone – including LGBTIQ people, and it doesn’t have to be your partner, it could be a …

WPATH transgender conference

Hola amigos! I’m back from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I attended the 25th meeting of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), an organization formed back in 1979. WPATH is most famous for their Standards of Care, a set of guidelines for the medical management of trans and gender diverse people. These guidelines have …