Hatersville roundup from Homophobia Land

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The haters went crazy this week and the knives came out in Hatersville. A month of Pride taunted and tormented the  homophobes who believe LGBTIQ people should be out of sight and out of mind. From Straight Pride to gay penguins and people deleting ‘Old Town Road’ because Lil Nas X is gay. What a week in Hatersville.

Straight Pride

We head firstly to Straight Pride, planned for 31 August in Boston.


Initially, after finding themselves unable to find a straight mascot to put a face on the event, the organisers resorted to appointing Milo Yiannopoulos.

Obviously, such an appointment could not occur without passing mention of the fact Yiannopoulos is gay.

Therefore, the organisers issued a statement to address that issue.

“He is not straight, though he does continue to periodically try it out.”

Umm, okay… yeah!

Then, on 2 June, the organisers told CNN they “received suspicious packages in the mail.”

The local bomb squad, FBI and three area fire departments all converged on the scene in response to a possible terrorist incident.

Glitter and Bible verses

Despite all the hoo haa, the packages contained only glitter and bible verses.

John Hugo, president of Super Fun Happy America, which is organising the event, issued a statement.

“It’s still terrorism as far as I’m concerned because obviously it’s meant to intimidate us.”

Don’t mention the gay penguins

Across the Atlantic in the UK, self-described ‘journalist, writer, and media commentator’ Caroline Farrow got all hot and bothered over Ronnie and Reggie.

The gay penguin couple became an item a few years ago.


In celebration of Pride, London Zoo staff held a little Pride party on Penguin Beach.

They erected a banner reading, “Some penguins are gay. Get over it.”

Ronnie and Reggie posed for pics by the banner, joined by Kyton, the  chick they raised from an egg.

Farrow tweeted her disapproval furiously.

Farrow believed the sign an intrusion into family life in that she thought it pushed values onto her children. However, she admitted in a later post she was not a fan of zoos anyway.

Admittedly, a zoo is a terrible place for people wanting to protect their children from reality. There’s animals mating all over the place with little regard for common decency and if the monkeys aren’t wanking they’re probably busy flinging crap at onlookers.

Lil Nas X

The ‘Old Town Road’ singer Lil Nas X copped it from the haters after he came out this week.

One previous fan worried listening to the song might turn him gay.

“That’s it I’m not ever listening to @LilNasX cos I don’t wanna turn gay.”

Another seemed to hope, just maybe, it was all a joke.

“This is too big of a thing to joke about so I think he actually is a Homo. Damn. I can never look at him the same way anymore. I mea. Idrc I can respect him as a human, but I don’t really support this shit.”

Yet others posted screen shots where they deleted the song from their music libraries.

However, Lil Nas X appeared not to care. Of course, with his surprise  megahit at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 13 weeks now, he probably doesn’t care.


That’s it from Hatersville at the moment and we never even got to the trolls who think they are the first people ever to make a fat joke about Magda.

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