Harry’s virginity: lovely peachy bum & ‘above average’ 🍆

prince harry duke of sussex lovely peachy bum harry's virginity
Prince Harry

The keenly sought-after ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity in an English paddock has outed herself. In an interview with The Sun, Sasha Walpole gushed over the prince’s ‘lovely peachy bum’ 🍑 and also hinted at the spare’s ‘above average’ crown jewels. 🍆

Yes. Let’s talk about sex. Not so unusual for us. QNews is a sex-positive platform. However, we don’t often dwell on hetero-sex.

But this is a story many can relate to. Fumbled sex in a dark paddock. Stumbling back to the pub where friends smirk knowingly at our dishevelment — clothing in disarray — certain items of attire missing. Not to mention, prising twigs and bits of grass from hair and underwear. Oh yes. We’ve all been there.

Harry’s virginity and the ‘older woman’

In his recently released memoir Spare, Prince Harry revealed that he lost his virginity to an older woman.

Turns out Sasha Walpole is only two years older than Harry, but she says he was 16 at the time, not 17 as stated in Spare. I believe I was 16 once. From what I remember, even someone a month older seemed geriatric at that age.

Sasha knew Harry from her previous job as a stable girl at his father’s Highgrove estate. She was at the pub to celebrate her nineteenth birthday after finishing her shift at a knickers factory. (I swear I’m not making this shit up. You can always tell fake news by the ‘Royal Correspondent’ byline.)

Harry called into the pub with friends and heart-broken Sasha poured her heart out about her boyfriend leaving her. The prince bought her shots.

“We went outside and both climbed a three-bar fence to the field. We were quite drunk at this point.

“I gave Harry a cigarette. I lit mine and then his.

“We finished our cigarettes — Marlboro Lights — and it just happened. He started to kiss me.

“He was wearing boxers. There was no chatting, no words.”

 A little bit naughty

“It was exciting that it was happening. It was exciting that it was happening like the way it was. We were away for 15 minutes but the sex was about five ­minutes.

“We didn’t set out to do it and it wasn’t premeditated. He was young. We had been purely friends and it was a little bit naughty, in the sense that it shouldn’t have been happening.

“I remember I was wearing black trousers from New Look with a fitted black top and black leather boots, and a wide multi-coloured belt with a pattern on the back.

“When I went back to the pub, I didn’t have my belt…”

Lovely peachy bum 🍑

“Afterwards I did grab his bum and gave him a slap. It was with one hand. He had a lovely peachy bum — but he was young.”

Sasha also snuck in a quick plug for the crown jewels in the interview, referencing the mention of his frostbitten todger in Spare.

“In that case, Harry must have had an above-average problem with that, from what I can recollect.” 🍆

Also: MSM sits tight on right royal pegging scandal.

Queen’s lunch date wants Meghan paraded naked thru streets.

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