Harry K. launches new daytime event: OUTRAGEOUS

Harry K.
Harry K by Joel Devereux

Launching at X-Cargo in the Valley on Saturday 25 January, Harry K’s latest fabulous queer event is OUTRAGEOUS. The brand new daytime party series is unlike any clubbing experience we’ve seen before. QN Magazine chatted with Harry K about the importance of queer party space.

QN: You’ve been creating queer events for two decades now. Why is partying such an important element of our community social life?


Harry K: Marginalised people have always carved out space to celebrate their identity and be themselves. No matter how serious the issues we face, we always need opportunities to take joy in our fabulousness and to showcase the OUTRAGEOUS.

Years ago, our communities created a tradition of bars and events as safe spaces to meet, dance, hook up and be themselves. I model my events on that tradition.

OUTRAGEOUS entertainment line-up

QN: I remember that from the start, the first thing I ever heard of Fluffy was raves about the quality of the entertainment. What can we expect at OUTRAGEOUS?

Harry K: I want to go beyond everything we’ve done before with a unique voice showcasing the best entertainment Brisbane has ever seen.

The first round of entertainment at OUTRAGEOUS includes Vollie LaVont, Tina Bikki, Ella Ganza, Thicc Shake Crew, ENN, Kylie Rose, Mason Andrews, Kryptonite, Scarlett Fever, and ShuShu Funtanna.

Harry K
Vollie La Vont by Joel Devereux

QN: I remember my first time at Fluffy many years ago how impressed I was with the room itself. How do you choose the spaces you work in?

Harry K: I look to take over spaces that are not usually queer. Then, I endeavour to give our communities ownership of those spaces. It’s about creating visibility and making the world, in general, a safer place for the fabulous and the outrageous.

Therefore, I regard my brand OUT as a take-over brand.

On 2 January I’m taking over Nineteen at the Gold Coast Star for OUT On Top with Kitty Glitter and Dan Slater.

QN: That will go off. We get a constant stream of inquiries from visitors asking where to party on the Gold Coast.

Harry K: Yes. Queer people still need that cultural experience of an actual physical, social space. You can watch Drag Race on TV and hookup on an app but it doesn’t give you the same joy as taking in a live show.  Dancing and partying with a room full of your community enjoying the night of their lives provides an energy sitting on the couch at home just doesn’t bring.



A Celebration of Music, Dance & Queer Arts For EveryONE.

Find out more at liveoutrageous.com.au

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