Hannah Gadsby’s Ten Steps To Nanette

Ten Steps To Nanette

Michael James says of Ten Steps To Nanette, that Hannah Gadsby’s stories resonate as well on the page as live on stage.

It seems only a few short years ago that Hannah Gadsby was just another Australian comedian making the rounds.

Whilst the comedian was well enough known and many Australians enjoyed her quirky and offbeat comedy, no one was prepared for what was to come next. Least of all Hannah.

When Hannah Gadsby debuted her show Nanette she intended to challenge the way in which comedy was delivered. But she didn’t think so many people would listen. However, when she spoke, the world paid attention. Hannah Gadsby fast became a household name.

After retiring and then somewhat unretiring from comedy, Hannah followed up Nanette with her equally fabulous show Douglas. Now Hannah is back again.

Her autobiography Ten Steps To Nanette is her latest work. In true Hannah Gadsby style, it is captivating. That’s not to say that the content itself is captivating. That’s the remarkable thing about what makes Hannah’s storytelling so compelling. She manages to tell the story of her upbringing in a small, backward Tasmanian town where not much happened with such detail, humour and quirk you can’t help but be enthralled with each detail from the mundane to the magnificent.

Lonely, young, queer and neurodiverse

Hannah draws you into her world as a lonely young queer and neurodiverse person struggling to find their place in the world and puts you in the seat right beside her ever so delicately.

Ten Steps To Nanette explores what life was like growing up for the comedian, the people and the moments that shaped her, whilst also offering a history lesson. She skillfully weaves in the political commentary of the Tasmanian and Australian legalities of homosexuality that took place almost unwittingly around her at the time. She paints a picture of our country, its history and her place within it squarely and succinctly.

If you’re a fan of Gadsby’s there’s nothing not to like about this book. Her ability to tell a story on stage is equally paralleled on the page. You will find yourself either laughing or left with your jaw slightly askew. Hannah drops moments of her life both shocking and heartwarming with equal nonchalance.

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