Hannah Gadsby's Dogmatic

Aussie comic talent Hannah Gadbsy is bringing her new stand-up show Dogmatic to the Brisbane Comedy Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

The divinely self-deprecating storyteller said the new show is an attempt to explain her thought processes and woeful life choices that have led her to where she is today. Hannah aims incisive jabs at Taylor Swift, consumerism, the cult of celebrity, and much more, all delivered with her signature wit. You will laugh, but she’ll remain confused.

“Hello. I would like to invite you to attend my show, Dogmatic. I have worked very hard on it and I am a very charming performer,” she said.

“But these things alone do not maketh a show. I need you. I need you to buy a ticket, attend the relevant session and laugh at me. What a darling team we will be. Ok. Bye. (This invitation does not extend to knob biscuits.)”

Aussie comic talent Hannah Gadsby is well-known to fans of Josh Thomas’ ABC comedy series Please Like Me. On the show she played Hannah, a role so similar to herself she said it doesn’t require much acting.

See Hannah’s Dogmatic show at the Brisbane Powerhouse from March 8 to March 13. Tickets are available from BrisComFest.com.

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