Hannah Gadsby slams same-sex marriage plebiscite in heartfelt post

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Out comedian Hannah Gadsby has hit out at the federal government’s planned national plebiscite on same-sex marriage in a very personal Facebook post.

“Oh hey guys… this plebiscite thing is a very bad idea. The very idea of an ongoing debate around marriage equality makes my stomach turn. It’s not a pleasant turn either,” Hannah, who stars in Josh Thomas’ ABC comedy series Please Like Me, wrote in the post which went viral on Wednesday night.

“I don’t care about marriage equality for myself because I do not have an aptitude for relationships. The reason I care about this is because I don’t want young kids to hear the kind of horrific bile I was forced to listen to in the 1990s when Tasmania debated on whether to legalise homosexuality.

“For many, the debate was theatre. For me, it made me hate myself so deeply I have never been able to develop an aptitude for relationships.

“In the mid nineties I was the age when I should have been learning how to be vulnerable, how to handle a broken heart, how to deal with rejection and how to deal with all the other great silly things about young love which help pave the way to the more substantial adult version.

“But instead I learnt how to close myself off and rot quietly in self-hatred. I learnt this because I learnt that I was subhuman during a debate where only the most horrible voices and ideas were amplified by the media.

“These voices also gave permission for others to tell me that I was less than them, with looks, words and on one occasion, violence.

“Every day of my life I deal with the effects of anxiety and low self esteem. It is not nearly as debilitating as it used to be but I don’t imagine I will ever be truly free of it. Just imagine how brilliant I could have been if I hadn’t been given such a shit show at such a vulnerable time in my life.”

Hannah Gadsby wrote, “I am very concerned that the plebiscite debate is going to be another open season for hate. I fear for those, particularly in regional Australia, who are isolated from positive voices.

“If this plebiscite has to happen then let’s try and drown out the hate filled commentators. They might not have the numbers but they will no doubt be handed a megaphone in the name of entertainment.

“But this kind of entertainment will not only ruin young lives… it will end some of them.

“Speech is not free when it comes at such a cost. This plebiscite is F__KED.”

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