Hannah Gadsby shares photo of their great white shark wedding cake

Hannah Gadsby with wife Jenney Shamash
Image: Jess Gleeson/Netflix, Instagram

Hannah Gadsby spends a lot of their new “feel good” Netflix special talking about their marriage to “spouse lady” Jenney Shamash.

The couple tied the knot in Australia in 2021. In Hannah’s new Netflix stand-up show Something Special, they talk at length about wedded bliss with Jenno.

The comedian, who’s genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns, tells stories about their big proposal, planning a queer wedding, and the couple’s novelty great white shark wedding cake.

And after the new special dropped on Netflix this week, Hannah posted a photo to Instagram of the elaborate cake for curious fans.

At MICF earlier this year, the comedian explained the couple’s choice of cake “upset a lot of people.”

“We had a big f__k-off shark’s head just coming out of the top of our wedding cake,” Hannah recalled.

“We did have the little figurines you’re supposed to have on a wedding cake, the little hood ornaments.

“People usually have a bride and a groom, but we had two otters holding hands in the shark’s mouth, because the world’s ending.

“It was a fun day, but the world is ending and I felt like we respected that.”

Hannah went on to joke, “We did actually have a good reason [for the novelty cake]. We wanted to trick a Christian baker into making a gay wedding cake.

“It’s like, ‘Nah, mate, it’s not a gay wedding cake. I’m turning 10.’ It worked, so he’s going to hell.

“We’ve all got to do our bit to get through this gay agenda, sending Christian bakers to hell one at a time. It’s very efficient activism.”

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This week, Hannah Gadsby also celebrated the new Netflix special posted a photo of themself and wife Jenney.

“I am very proud of this [special],” Hannah wrote.

“Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the live show an alive one…and to everyone to who helped kill the live show and pushed it into the stream. What a great team.

“An especially huge thanks to Jenno! You know who you are… and those who’ve seen the show also know who you are.”

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special is streaming on Netflix now.

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