Hannah Gadsby and wife Jenney had a wild novelty wedding cake

Hannah Gadsby and their wife Jenney Shamash eat ice cream in an Instagram photo
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Netflix has released a first look at Hannah Gadsby’s new “feel good” stand-up show, Something Special, before it arrives in a few weeks.

It’s the third comedy special on the streaming service for the comedian, who uses they/them pronouns. Something Special arrives on Netflix on May 9.

Hannah’s earlier subversive Netflix special Nanette made them a global star. The comedian released their follow-up Douglas in 2020.

Now, Hannah’s Something Special was filmed at the Sydney Opera House in 2022. The Netflix special is directed by the comedian’s “spouse lady” Jenney Shamash.

The couple married in Australia in 2021, and Hannah will discuss their new wedded bliss at length.

Last month at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Hannah Gadsby spoke about how they were very surprised and unprepared for marriage.

“I mention it every time I’m on stage because I get a free round of applause for nothing, and that appeals to me,” Hannah told the crowd as they hosted MICF’s All-Stars Super Show.

“It was a very steep learning curve for my spouse lady and I, to organise a betrothal.

“Neither one of us have spent any moment of our entire lives dreaming and fantasising about our most special day. I didn’t see the point.

“It seemed like a monumental waste of my time because for most of my life, it wasn’t an option.

“I grew up in a time when us gays weren’t even allowed to adopt a highway, much less marry someone we wanted to touch.”

Hannah Gadsby and Jenney Shamash’s wedding cake was a great white shark

Hannah Gadsby shared that their spouse lady Jenney Shamash is bisexual, which they said they also like to mention at every opportunity.

“It upsets a very particular kind of man that I really enjoy upsetting, because this was a decision,” Hannah said.

“Some people have asked and said, ‘Aren’t you worried that your bisexual wife will run off with a man?’ No. Have you met men?”


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Hannah said the couple’s wedding cake was a novelty great white shark and also “upset a lot of people.”

“We had a big f__k-off shark’s head just coming out of the top of our wedding cake,” they recalled.

“We did have the little figurines you’re supposed to have on a wedding cake, the little hood ornaments.

“People usually have a bride and a groom, but we had two otters holding hands in the shark’s mouth, because the world’s ending. It was a fun day, but the world is ending and I felt like we respected that.”

Hannah went on to joke, “We did actually have a good reason [for the novelty cake]. We wanted to trick a Christian baker into making a gay wedding cake.

“It’s like, ‘Nah, mate, it’s not a gay wedding cake. I’m turning 10.’ It worked, so he’s going to hell.

“We’ve all got to do our bit to get through this gay agenda, sending Christian bakers to hell one at a time. It’s very efficient activism.”

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special is on Netflix on May 9.

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