‘Hanging judge’ hears case of outed Iranian Kurdish singer

hanging judge Mohammad Moqisseh mohsen lorestani inran corruption on earth

Notorious hanging judge Mohammad Moqisseh presided over the recent trial of an outed singer, according to reports from Iran. Mohsen Lorestani faced charges of ‘corruption on Earth’ stemming from a conversation on social media. The singer’s lawyer only received notification of the trial after it occurred. As yet, the verdict is unknown.

Mohsen Lorestani

News emerged of the trial of Mohsen Lorestani last week.

The singer is a famous crooner in a mainly Kurdish western province of Iran.

Despite authorities only now announcing his detention, his lawyer says it occurred in March at the singer’s mother’s home in Tehran.

Kazem Hosseini said authorities also arrested three others in connection with Mohsen Lorestani’s case.

The singer is charged with ‘corruption of Earth’. The charges result from a chat on social media some characterise as ‘flirting’ with another man.

“Corruption on Earth’ sometimes carries the death penalty. Last year, Iran executed at least 38 people on charges of ‘waging war against God’ and ‘corruption on Earth’.

hanging judge Mohammad Moqisseh hears case of Mohsen Lorestani for corruption on earth
Mohsen Lorestani

Mohammad Moqisseh

Mohammad Moqisseh acts as head of a branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Court which the regime uses to persecute ideological opponents.

He recently sentenced three women to a combined 55 year’s jail for not wearing headscarves.

Iranian lawyers describe him as ignorant of even the simplest judicial concepts. He often disposes of trials in minutes, refuses defendants access to lawyers and frequently imposes the death penalty.

Moqisseh first came to attention in the 1980s when he worked in Tehran prisons. Witnesses claim he played an active role in torturing and executing political prisoners. He later took a key role in the Death Committees which massacred thousands of the regime’s opponents in 1988.

“You are Sunni dogs!”

He often acts as both prosecutor and judge, ignores due process and screams abuse at prisoners. When sentencing four men to death in 2014 after refusing to allow them to defend themselves he snarled, “Be quiet. You are Sunni dogs who must be hanged!”

The Instagram Dancers

Moqisseh will also preside over the trials of Iran’s ‘Instagram dancers’.

The regime strictly forbids dancing in public and regards posting videos of dancing as an ‘enemy plot’ against the state.

The clergy dominated judiciary recently ordered the arrest of three young women over social media posts and obviously intend to make an example of them by assigning their case to the notorious hanging judge.

Opaque ‘justice’ system

Not announcing the verdict of a trial is commonplace in Iran’s opaque ‘justice’ system.

Often, relatives only become aware of a death sentence when a noose suspended from a crane in a town square is placed around their loved one’s neck.

It should also come as no surprise if authorities suddenly discover Mohsen Lorestani ‘raped’ another man. For two decades now, when faced with outrage over the hanging of homosexuals, the Iranian regime has suddenly presented hitherto unmentioned ‘evidence’ of rape or sexual assault. This is now almost routine, especially whenever the regime feels the need to justify the execution of juveniles.


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