Hamish Macdonald: ‘Give me a break, stop the gaslighting’

Hamish MacDonald give me a break stop the gaslighting

Hamish Macdonald lashed out at Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier tonight on The Project. Speaking about the Religious Discrimination Bill, he said, “Give me a break. Stop the gaslighting.”

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“If you are gay or trans or any of the letters of the alphabet that are reflected, you’re pretty sick of getting gaslit by this Prime Minister.

“He said this week that he honestly thought this bill would unite people and unite the parliament.

“I mean, give me a break. We remember how Scott Morrison voted on same-sex marriage.”

Hamish said we also remember Scott Morrison’s position on same-sex marriage.

“We remember how this Religious Discrimination Bill came out as a response to equal marriage rights in Australia. That’s the origins of this.

“And standing in parliament and saying you reckon this was going to unite people, then you weren’t listening. Because trans people [and] the gay community were telling everyone that would listen for the duration of this argument that this was harmful. That this would damage people, that this would add to the difficulties faced by young trans people who have some of the worst suicide rates in our community.

“It’s unthinkable that we would do this to young people.

“And the Prime Minister stands up in parliament and says I honestly thought this would unite people.”

Stop the gaslighting

“Give me a break. Stop the gaslighting. Be honest about what you’re doing.”

Hamish Macdonald then went on to praise the politicians who, whatever the politics of the situation, stood up for young trans people.

Peter Dutton, who earlier denied he sent the recently reported text messages disparaging the Prime Minister, spoke out against those very politicians. He told ABC Radio Friday that some of those who crossed the floor over the bill ‘frankly misled’ the Prime Minister.

Of course, as speculation mounts about the PM’s future, Dutton is suddenly Mr Everywhere. Strange, hey?

Now more than ever, tell Scotty and Dalbo what you want – fill in the Just.Equal Election Survey.

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