Hacks is set to return after surprising season finale

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Just over twelve months ago the first season of Hacks debuted on our screens and now a third season of the hit show has been confirmed.

The news comes as the second season aired its finale episode.

Now it looks like our iconic duo still have more of their story to tell.

More Hacks in the future

When Hacks first hit our screens in 2021 millions of viewers worldwide fell in love with these quirky characters.

Seemingly out of nowhere Hacks had become an overnight hit.

After its first season Hacks racked up an astounding 15 Emmy nominations, taking home three wins.

The story follows the life of ageing comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) a rich, neurotic, pain in the ass.

Accompanied by troubled writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) the two are tasked with reviving Vances career.

This unexpected pairing create a fantastic on screen chemistry and bring all the laughs.

Along with an exceptional supporting cast the show has gone from strength to strength.

What will season three hold?

While Season two of Hacks was all about “Back to basics” the future of the iconic duo is now up in the air.

After a tumultuous season that saw Ava face up to her mistakes and in turn feel Deborahs wrath, anything could happen.

With Deborah dropping her law suit against Ava and releasing her from her employment, Ava looks set to take a new job in LA.

But can the show survive with the two main characters heading in separate directions?

It’s anyones guess.

However the executives behind the show are confident of the ongoing success of the program.

“We congratulate ‘Hacks’’ extraordinarily gifted executive producers and cast, and our partners at Universal Television,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max.

“We are overjoyed at the audience and press response to the new season, and glad to give viewers more of this gorgeous, hilarious, moving show.”

No further announcements have been made about casting or filming.

Given previous timelines we could expect a third season of Hacks in May or June 2023.

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