Grindrland: “We’ll build a world of our own…”

Image: @twinkstann Twitter

Not sure if anyone ever scores in Grindrland. Maybe the app just helps avoid making eye contact or unwanted conversation while waiting for Mr Right to pop up in a bar. Thankfully it’s at least a source of endless amusement.

Though, if no one else lucks out, it seems this twink has found Grindrland heaven.

Gotta face pic?

Face pics continue to excite contention in Grindrland — either fake, ten years out of date, or non-existent.

Displaying yourself with a facial is usually an invitation to fun, but no one ever thought that meant a custard pie.

A Grindrland mugshot?

Well, if life gives you lemons…

Image: @scrumble_eggs Twitter

How to pick the guy on the down low — no idea of the lingo.

Ah, yes. Monogamy. Grindrland is surely the place for that.

Guys still use these lines? Come on, folks. Do better. It’s 2023.

Real? Not sure. I call BS.

Now, this is cool.

It seems some people, Lil Uzi Hurt, for one, do have a sense of humour in Grindrland.

Thanks for keeping it real.

Also: Fourteen classic Grindr fails.

Grindr fails keep on coming.

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  1. Michael
    21 March 2023

    The Dear Young Man in the picture & little video is a super sweet social influencer type often seen together with his equally adorable mate filming more content (only a short distance behind him) for their channels, I shall continue to watch free via Youtube on my Smart Telly. He often does these what if style challenges & or random experiments, curious to know the actual lived experience of something like dating or hook up apps & honesty of them.

  2. Michael
    21 March 2023

    Just to clarify previous comment, I am referring to the pretty ass young thing, in 1ST 2 images 1 picture & 1 video clip. At beginning of this feature article.

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