Grindr wants to introduce an AI ‘wingman’ to app

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Grindr’s CEO has spoken about the gay app’s plans to introduce an AI-powered “wingman” to help its users up their hookup game.

In an announcement before Christmas, Grindr said the company had partnered with an AI company Ex-Human “to fuel the app company’s in-house artificial intelligence capabilities and enhance the experience of its users.”

The AI company creates customisable chatbots, including some with algorithms that Ex-Human claims specialise in meaningful conversations and even flirting.

“Through this new partnership, Grindr will thoughtfully leverage Ex-Human’s foundational models and tools to build new, engaging features designed to support the wide range of networking and dating needs of its users, from casual encounters to longer-term relationships,” the company explained.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Grindr CEO George Arison said, “If we don’t do it, someone else will.

“If you’re not first to market with something in AI, you’re going to miss out.”

Asked for more details, Arison said, “There’s a concept of something I internally call ‘Grindr wingman’.”

He suggests the AI could help guys out by suggesting a restaurant to take a date to or select music based on a person’s profile to help get them in the mood.

Or the AI-powered chatbot could offer a couple of helpful options for how to respond to incoming messages from other guys.

“And then there’s a lot more you can do beyond that,” the Grindr CEO teased.

Grindr want to introduce AI features in 2024

CEO George Arison also addressed the quite obvious privacy concerns, telling Bloomberg users’ data will stay with the company.

“Anyone can have issues, but we feel good about our infrastructure, and we do a lot of work to ensure that it’s safe,” he said.

Grindr said in the initial announcement they expect prototypes with some AI functionality to drop sometime in 2024. The app will notify users when that happens.

The company added, “Grindr’s commitment to safeguarding privacy through transparency and user choice remains unchanged.

“[We] will continue to enable users to control their personal data and their in-app experience.

“Users’ personal data will remain on Grindr’s infrastructure, which Ex-Human will not have access to.

“We will notify users as AI-powered features become available in the app.”

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