Greens blast ‘shameful’ anti-trans event at Parliament House

Greens Senator Janet Rice joined a trans rights rally outside Parliament House in Canberra
Image: Janet Rice/Facebook

Greens MPs have declared “transphobia has no place in the parliament” at a Canberra rally to oppose a Binary Australia-hosted event inside Parliament House.

On Monday morning, a crowd of trans rights supporters gathered on the lawns outside Parliament House.

Inside, the likes of Katherine Deves, Moira Deeming, Kirralie Smith and others were talking at a Why can’t women talk about sex? forum.

Kirralie Smith’s group Binary Australia organised the event, held in a lecture theatre. Liberal Senator Alex Antic sponsored the forum at parliament.

But outside, Greens MPs joined protesters, including the National Union of Students and queer Canberrans, to call out “growing transphobia, homophobia and misogyny.”

Greens LGBTQIA+ spokesperson Stephen Bates called out Binary Australia and warned “fearmongers peddling transphobia are the same ones who peddled homophobia against marriage equality.”

“After Australia resoundingly said ‘yes’ to marriage equality, the homophobes at the Marriage Alliance just rebranded as Binary Australia to hop on the next attack line against our community,” he said.

“There is no line these people won’t cross. They’re hellbent on taking us back decades on LGBTIQA+ and women’s rights.”

‘Transgender rights are non-negotiable’

Stephen Bates also called out “willing allies” of far right activists within politics and in the media.

He said Channel 7’s anti-trans Spotlight episode this month promoted “hateful, ignorant and transphobic narratives”.

Spotlight came under fire for using queer Australians’ stories and images without consent.

He slammed the program as “a vile attack on young trans people,” using them to stoke a culture war for ratings.

“Allies need to show up and stand with our community after these disgraceful attacks on trans kids in our Parliament and in our media,” Stephen said.

“Trans people, especially trans youth, are some of the most brave and resilient in our community. But they shouldn’t have to be.

“Now more than ever, they need our support. Trans rights are non-negotiable.”

‘Transphobia has no place in our parliament’

Greens Senator Janet Rice was also at the rally, criticising Binary Australia’s event. She thanked those rallying outside for “standing up against hatred”.

“When your movement is supported by Nazis, you’re on the wrong side of history,” she said.

“Transphobia has no place in our parliament. It’s shameful that this platforming of hatred, fuelled by the far-right, is being sanctioned by MPs in this building.

Senator Rice added, “We will always stand in solidarity with trans people and their communities.

“You deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to be safe to be yourself.”

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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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  1. Viviane
    12 September 2023

    Standing up for lesbian and women’s rights is not transphobia. #SexMatters

    • Jennifer Jones
      18 October 2023

      Standing against what?

  2. Steph Taylor
    13 September 2023

    The main problem is a hidden one that everyone seems to afraid to talk about- Transmisogny and Transmisogynist!
    That is when Feminists that are extremists women who Hate Trans women.
    Their are too many extreme female feminists that hate Trans women in government positions and make life hard for trans people, and too may in positions like at Channel 7 that have a platform to spread their own agenda and Hate.
    We need to call it out loudly.
    women hating Trans women is NOT ok.

  3. Steph T
    13 September 2023

    Too many Extremist Feminist females in positions like at Channel 7 that get to spread their Hate. Just like in Government positions extremist feminists females who Hate trans women.
    Transmisogny and Transmisogynist – that is when female hate trans women
    we need to call out the real issue.

  4. Stephanie T
    13 September 2023

    This is another example of Feminists pushing their agenda to wipe us out, the real problem is- Transmisogyny
    That is when ‘cis’ women hate Trans women
    This is a rising problem and causing much death and destruction, Trans persons should be calling this out, stop supporting women who hate trans women- Transmisogynist
    Their are too many women in Government jobs who hate trans women- what is the Government doing here? their are too many trans hating feminists working in TV and Government and they have the power to harm- they have to be held to account or it is only going to get worse for all Trans people.

  5. Stevie
    18 October 2023

    Well put
    I’m an intersex Womxn, tired of these religious fanatics & right wing Terfs.
    They need to get a life

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