Grandma Knits Special Jumper For Her Bisexual Granddaughter

grandma Knits for Bisexual Granddaughter

When an unsuspecting grandma in the Netherlands knitted a jumper for her bisexual granddaughter.

Little did she know she would become an overnight internet sensation.

Suna Huls posted a photo to Tumblr of her grandma proudly holding a rainbow jumper she had knitted – her way of showing support after Huls came out to her as bisexual.

Under the username sunatjexd, Huls uploaded the photo with a caption saying: “I told my grandma I was bisexual a few weeks ago and today she gave me this, my grandma made me a rainbow sweater.”

180,000 people liked the adorable picture.

“I was kind of overwhelmed and had no idea it was going get so much attention,” she said.

“I was also happy because I got to show the world how amazing my grandma is.”

Huls phoned her grandma, Marry, to tell her about her newfound internet fame, and the news came as a happy surprise.

“I called her on Friday and told her she is internet famous. It made me so happy to hear her laugh. I haven’t heard her laugh like that in a while.”

Huls explained that after losing her mother in August last year, she and her grandmother had been through a difficult time.

“This just makes her feel loved and happy,” she said.

“I had no idea how she was going to react. But I knew she loved me very much and I kinda expected her to be supportive, because my grandma loves everybody.

“I had to explain to her what it meant though. She doesn’t really know much about the LGBTQ community.”

Because the post went so viral, Huls has now been outed to her entire family.

“It’s an epic way to do it. It turned out better than I thought,” she said.

“I am really happy. I can finally be myself.”


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