Graham Norton says he doesn’t think he’d be a good father

Graham Norton on his talk show set as the gay star gets married at secret wedding
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Graham Norton has talked fatherhood and says he doesn’t regret not having children because he doesn’t think he would’ve been good at parenting.

The talk show host and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star opened up about aging ahead of his 60th birthday in April.

He told the Australian Women’s Weekly, “There were times in my life when I thought, ‘Should I be a dad?’ But ultimately I think it’s good that I don’t have children.

“I think I wouldn’t be a very good father. I don’t think I have the patience or the interest.

“Maybe it would be different if I had an actual child… but I suspect not.”

On turning 60, Graham said he’s surprised to feel “vibrant and alive”.

“I don’t feel ready to sit in a rocking chair and stare at the sunset. At the same time, you have to go, “Wow, there’s less of this life than there was”, and I think you have to make decisions in a different way.

He believes one thing he has improved at as he has got older is spotting “destructive, negative patterns” that emerged in his life.

“I would just say, hopefully I’m not making as many of the same mistakes,” he said.

“Hopefully I’ve spotted some patterns in my life and have tried to iron them out.”

Last year, Graham also spoke about the topic and said he thought it was “weird” that gay men were “expected” to marry and have children.

He told The Sunday Times, “It’s like, do you know how much that costs?

“It’s so weird isn’t it, that there’s now an expectation that we’ll get married and have kids. I’m glad I’m not having to face those decisions.”

“I know older people who do have kids and good luck to them.

“I couldn’t. And when I was young enough I certainly didn’t want them, they’d be dead.”

Graham Norton married his husband in secret July wedding

In July, Graham Norton did marry his husband Scottish filmmaker Jonathan McLeod.

He later thanked everyone who kept the wedding a top-secret affair in Cork, Ireland.

Talking marriage with BBC Radio, Graham laughing, “It’s good so far, it would be awful if it wasn’t at this stage, just a few months in.

“I’d like to think that even I could manage a few months!”

But he admitted he had never really seen himself getting married.

“I’m from that generation of gays who assumed it was never going to be on the cards,” he said.

“So, one, it’s extraordinary that it can happen, I mean I never gave up hope of finding the one.

“If it was a surprise, it was a pleasant surprise.”

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