Gosford Anglican Church on Israel Folau’s tirade

Gosford Anglican Church Israel Folau's tirade

Gosford Anglican priest Father Rod Bower took aim at the most recent Israel Folau tirade in a sign posted outside his church. The popular priest targeted Folau after the now former footballer again attacked gay and transgender people.

Father Rod’s signs are well-known throughout Australia for his uncompromising messages on social issues and politics.

His latest sign offers advice to the LGBTIQ community in the wake of Folau’s comments.

“LGBT friends, Folau is wrong. Don’t listen to him.”

Later, Father Rod followed up on Twitter.

“Israel Folau is the price we pay for free speech.

“He has the right to say it and I have a responsibility to oppose what he says.”

Father Rod Bower on Same-Sex Marriage

During the same-sex marriage postal vote in 2017, the priest supported the YES vote. He posted pro-LGBTIQ signs outside his church in support of that campaign.

Gosford Anglican Church
Images: Gosford Anglican Church Sign Appreciation Society Facebook


Last year he ran for Senate as an independent.

He said he believed the plight of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru diminished Australia.

He hoped as a senator to “encourage our politicians to adhere to our international covenants and refugee conventions.”

Despite his bid for election failing Father Rod says he intends continuing as an advocate for people “from all faiths, politics and traditions”.

Israel Folau's tirade
Images: Gosford Anglican Church Sign Appreciation Society Facebook

Father Rod Bower’s first sign went up in 2013.

Administering rites to a dying man, he asked if the man had a partner.

“It turned out he was gay, and it had been suggested his partner go into another a room while I was there.

“And I was incensed. Not at them, but at a culture that would put that family in that position that they might think I would disapprove.”

Back at the church, he put up the first of his messages.

“Dear Christians. Some PPL are gay. Get over it. Love God.”

Gosford Anglican Church Father Rod Bower
Images: Gosford Anglican Church Sign Appreciation Society Facebook

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