Gold Coast Rainbow Convoy in response to Pride Flag Hate

coomera waters rainbow convoy
Summer Irvin's Pride Flag

Residents of Coomera Waters and the wider Gold Coast will join a Rainbow Convoy on March 19 following the hateful response to a resident flying a Pride flag.

Coomera Waters resident Summer Irvin shared an anonymous letter dropped in her letterbox on Instagram. She received the letter after flying the pride flag during recent WorldPride celebrations.

“So-called rainbow-coloured cloth” 

“I note that your premises have presently placed a so-called rainbow-coloured cloth on your flag mast/pole which denotes the promotion of LGBTIQA+2.”

The anonymous correspondent then offers an incorrect explanation of the queer acronym — “for clarity’s sake.”

Clarity’s sake bullshit — just being an arsehole.

“Our community in Coomera Waters is a wholesome community, not a queer community, and nor does it promote queer conduct – especially to children.

“As a neighbour who is proud to live in Coomera Waters and its wonderful community, I respectfully request that you take down the said cloth immediately and or asap.

“Please be aware that my friends and me – with children – often walk along the Coomera River area that borders your property and hope that I/we do not have to be exposed to that which we find offensive, unsavoury, abhorrent, corrupting, divisive, outrageous and disgusting.”

The kooky neighbour went on to ask that Summer Irvin instead fly an Australian flag to “show patriotism.”

Oh! A f_cking patriot. Remember when patriotism was a good thing, not an excuse to be a POS.

They finish up with all-the-usual-to-be-expected slurs.

“Please do not resort to the tired and nonsensical argument that you are ‘inclusive’ unless you are prepared to say that you include pedophiles and murderers in your life and circle of friends.”

Join the Coomera Waters Rainbow Convoy. Details below or check for more info at Gold Coast Rainbow Communities.

rainbow convoy coomera waters

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1 Comment

  1. Michael
    14 March 2023

    The people or person responsible for visiting even more hate & discrimination into the world. Think because, they have written a well articulated letter, free of any of those nasty words often used to express that same combo of hate & discrimination, but within a more considered tone, would exempt them from this entirely reasonable & logical response to such blatant rudeness! What a world it could have been, or could be if it was a letter expressing the very opposite sentiments . Great to read other residents will be there to protest this or these persons presumptive nerve, to speak for the whole region, without ANY thought that maybe THEIR ugly attitudes was all THEIRS ALONE!. I sincerely hope the author,?whether it is just one individual, or a larger group, can be found out & made to provide proof of how they found that nerve as a small handful, has ANY Honest research to back up those claims. One hopes only deep shame looks reproachfully back at them, every time they’re lookin’ into a reflective image, for the rest of their days!

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