Gold Coast AFLW player Tori Groves-Little on coming out as non-binary

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Gold Coast Suns AFLW player Tori Groves-Little has opened up about the moment they came out as non-binary to their club.

In October last year, Tori (above) posted a short announcement to their Instagram.

“Normalise checking gender pronouns, mine is they/them!” they wrote.

Speaking to the ABC, Tori explained, “Non-binary for me is I don’t fall into male or female.

Tori explained they “fall straight down the middle.”

“I’m only one non-binary person compared to a lot of others,” they said.

“So we all have different opinions, how we feel and how we want to express that.”

Groves-Little recalled telling their teammates after a team meeting one day, prior to a gym session.

“I just jumped on the end [of the meeting] and was like, ‘Oh, hey, before we go, I actually identify as non-binary,'” they said.

“‘So if you don’t know what that means, it’s like I don’t fall in either male or female genders and my pronouns are they/them. So I really hope you can try your best and educate yourself.'”

Tori said it was “probably very blunt on my behalf” but they explained their team “supported them straight away”.

“In the gym, I was already being asked questions like, ‘is this right or is that wrong? Or is this offensive?'” they said.

“The more questions they ask … it actually makes me feel like they care.

“And they value what and who I want to be.

“There is actually one teammate who is constantly asking questions, and I think she’s annoyed at herself that she asks so many.

“But it just makes me feel like she’s happy to learn [and] she’s got my back.

“Everyone has been absolutely outstanding with my preferred pronouns and using non-gendered language.”

Tori explained their close friends “had been a part of the journey as well.”

“But the more people I told, the more confident I felt,” they said.

“And then it was just like, I just wanted to scream it and tell it to the whole world.”

Darcy Vescio also shares that they are non-binary

Tori Groves-Little also explained they don’t feel uncomfortable playing in the AFL women’s competition “in any way”.

“I think the ‘W’ in AFLW is something to feel proud about,” they said.

“[Australian rules football] is something that obviously, women have fought very hard to be a part of, to play a male-dominated sport.

“So for me, it’s actually something that I’m really proud of.

“The W means everything to me.”

A few months after Tori’s announcement, AFLW star Darcy Vescio also shared on social media that they are non-binary.

“Sharing this feels a bit daunting but brings me a lot of warmth and happiness,” Darcy tweeted.

“I am most comfortable with they/them pronouns and will always respond to Darcy unless in trouble.”

Tori Groves-Little said the two of them are proudly “paving the way” together.

“I want to help the next generation… I’m one of six kids, and the youngest one is nine years old,” Tori said.

“So hopefully when she’s all grown up, and she feels comfortable in who she wants to be, I hope it’s easier for people her age.”

AFLW Pride Round matches cancelled due to Covid

This week the AFLW Pride Round kicked off, with each team unveiling their own rainbow-coloured guernseys.

Sadly, the Gold Coast Suns’ planned match against the Brisbane Lions won’t go ahead this weekend due to players and staff struck out with Covid.

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