Glossy Boys: Meet the Aussie teen making nail polish for boys

Glossy Boys Lucas Lane
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Lucas Lane is the founder of Glossy Boys, a nail polish brand he developed to help people who identify as male feel comfortable purchasing nail polish.

And Lucas is only thirteen years old.

With the help of social media star Christian Hull, Lucas has seen his brand take off around the world.

Glossy Boys

At just thirteen years old Lucas Lane created his own nail polish line for males, Glossy Boys. 

Lucas was first inspired to start his business after attempting to purchase nail polish at a local pharmacy in Perth when he was twelve.

The experience left him feeling uncomfortable and unrepresented.

“It was super uncomfortable and I didn’t feel welcome,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“There was no nail polish or nothing in that store that really accepted me, in a way” he explained.

So together with his mother Breanna, Lucas set about creating his own brand of nail polish for males.

Putting together a pack that includes gel nail polish pens and heating lights he created Glossy Boys.

His products have been available online for just under three months and with recent interest from a social media star, sales have boomed.

Christian Hull supports Glossy Boys

Business has taken off overnight for Glossy Boys after support from social media star Christian Hull.

After discovering the product, Christian Hull threw his support behind the Perth school student triggering unprecedented demand.

The social media star took to his Instagram to demonstrate and promote the products in a recent video.

Almost immediately sales began pouring in for Glossy Boys from around the world

“We had order after order after order and follow after follow” Lucas told Nine News Perth.

“I wanted to see other guys out there wearing nail polish and just being out there and not scared being comfortable with who they are.”

You can support Lucas Lane and Glossy boys at


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  1. 28 August 2022

    Woah! This is so epic thank you! The LGBT+ community is so amazing. I went to my first Pride Last Year with my sister and it was so FUN! Thank you awesome people and Michael James for reporting on my story! Lucas, Founder Glossy Boys

    PS thank you for getting my age right, I started the company when I was 12 AND EVERYONE WRITES THAT I’M 12! AHEM I’M like, 13 MY DUDES! :))

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