Gay Man Sues Former Employer After Alleged Homophobic Abuse

Glenn Hall

A Melbourne marketing director is suing his former employer over alleged homophobic bullying.

In the lawsuit, Glenn Hall claims he was subjected to ongoing homophobic comments by his former colleagues at Melbourne company Communicado Marketing.


“When I asked to have my contractual bonus paid, I was aggressively called a ‘greedy faggot’ by one of the directors,” he told the Herald Sun.

“Those two words completely destabilised me, they left me powerless.”

Hall also claims he became aware he was the subject of group text messages between colleagues who allegedly referred to him as “homo”, “wanker”, “bitchy poof” and “freak”.

The texts also included messages such as “I wish there was a gun emoticon,” he alleges.

Hall claims the company didn’t act to protect him from the bullying despite being aware of it, and he had suffered mental health issues including trauma and depression as a result.

“My reports of bullying were met with responses like ‘suck it up’ and ‘get over it’,” he said.

“The incidents have completely eroded the career path I had spent years working towards.

“I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it and I try to tell myself that there isn’t something inherently wrong with me, but it’s difficult to believe because I feel like a failure – certainly like I’m less of a person.

“I feel like I’m living in the past as I am often replaying these moments in my head. It’s torture.

“Other times I feel defeated, powerless and alone.”

Hall is suing his former employer for damages, including AU$450,00 in unpaid bonuses.

Communicado Marketing’s managing director said he was unable to comment due to legal proceedings.