Ghostbusters Director Confirms Kate McKinnon’s Character Is A Lesbian

Lesbian actress Kate McKinnon steals the entire movie as Dr Jillian Holtzmann in the new all-female remake of sci-fi film “Ghostbusters”.

And queer film fans have been clamoring for official confirmation of the character’s sexuality.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the film’s director Paul Feig was asked outright whether Dr Holtzmann is gay and he appeared to put the issue to rest with a “grinning, silent nod” before implying that film studio Sony weren’t too keen on him elaborating.

“I hate to be coy about it. But when you’re dealing with the studios and that kind of thing…” he told The Daily Beast, with an “apologetic shrug”.

Paul went on to praise the improvisational skills of the film’s ensemble cast – Kate, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones – and said it was only natural they’d bring their own personalities to their performances.

“You know, Kate is who she is and I love the relationship between Kate and Melissa’s characters, I think it’s a very interesting, close relationship,” he said.

“If you know Kate at all she’s this kind of pansexual beast where it’s just like everybody who’s around her falls in love with her and she’s so loving to everybody she’s around. I wanted to let that come out in this character.

“I wasn’t like, ‘And now you should wink at them.’ This is stuff that is coming out of Kate! That’s why you connect with those characters. They’re playing versions of themselves. That’s what makes a comedic actor fantastic, when that personality comes out.

“That’s why it’s so terrible when writer-directors say, ‘Stick to the script!’ Why would you hire these people who have these enormous personalities and then just cut them off?”

And the fans who have seen the movie since it opened last Thursday couldn’t be more thrilled with Kate’s performance in the film:

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    20 July 2016

    All the really hot women are either married or gay !!!!!

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