Georgie Stone has message for trans youth in new Netflix documentary

Photos of Victoria transgender woman Georgie Stone at age 22 and age 9.
Images: Supplied/Netflix

A new Netflix documentary The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone charts the Victorian transgender woman’s life story over 19 years of her life.

Georgie is one of the most recognisable trans Australians. But the 22-year-old says the new Netflix documentary, coming to streaming on Thursday, has given her “agency over my story, for the first time in my life.”

Filmed over several years, the film follows Georgie’s journey from “a kid who felt so isolated and alone, to a young woman who’s finally asserting control over her life.”

In home video footage, a nine-year-old Georgie is shown discussing her gender dysphoria with her family.

“I’m a girl. Maybe not in the outside, but in the inside I feel like a girl,” she says.

Then years later, as a teenager, Georgie and her family fight for – and win – a landmark Family Court of Australia decision to change laws to benefit other trans children.

Georgie Stone: ‘We deserve to have a wonderful life’

The documentary, directed by Gayby Baby filmmaker Maya Newell, ultimately spans 19 years as Georgie Stone fights for her “dream life”: affirming her gender, finding her voice, and emerging into adulthood.

Georgie explained that the documentary shows the trans experience can be “lonely and difficult, but also euphoric and beautiful too”.

“There are times we want it to all go away, and times we are so proud to be ourselves we could explode,” the 22-year-old said earlier this year.

“In Dreamlife, I want to portray my journey from a kid who felt so isolated and alone, to a young woman who is finally asserting control over her life, her body, her story.

“I want to show people the importance of a supportive family, and what that can do for a trans person.”

Georgie went on, “For other trans people, I hope they can see themselves or a part of their experience in this film and know they’re not alone.

“Every trans experience is different and very unique. But I hope there are aspects of it that people can connect to in this film.

“If they’re in a position right now where they don’t feel safe or they’re not living the life they want, I hope it’ll give them hope that they’ll be able to live their ‘dream life’.

“I want other trans people to see that they have a future. You can be ambitious and dream big. We deserve to have a wonderful life.”

The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone is streaming in Australia on Netflix on Thursday (September 22).

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