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Tickets are now on sale for Geelong Pride Film Festival 2024.

Back for its seventh year, the festival will be held from April 18- 28, 2024 at the Pivotonian Cinema, Village Cinemas Geelong and Platform Arts. 

Geelong Pride Film Festival 2024 Program 

Thu 18 Apr
Village Cinemas Geelong

Opening Night – 7PM

Join in the fun of Opening Night of the 2024 Geelong Pride Film Festival at the welcome reception followed by a collection of short films from across the LGBTIQ+ Rainbow spectrum.

Friday April 19
Village Cinemas Geelong

Polarized – 6PM

Lisa, an aspiring songwriter, whose farming family has suffered foreclosure is forced to work at a new, ‘urban farm’ where she meets Dalia. The passionate affair between the two women is not straightforward in a regional community where race, religion, and sexuality present challenges for each of them in different ways.

Housekeeping for Beginners – 8.30PM

Dita never wanted to be a mother, but circumstances force her to raise her girlfriend’s two daughters: tiny troublemaker Mia and rebellious teen Vanesa. From acclaimed filmmaker Goran Stolevski (Of An Age, You Won’t Be Alone) comes a story exploring the universal truths of family, both the ones we’re born into and the ones we find for ourselves.

Saturday April 20

Platform Arts (Courthouse)

Masquerades of Research – 2PM

Two short films by Irish artist and filmmaker Padraig Robinson explore the impact of the controversial research of pre-queer sociologist Laud Humphreys.

Part I begins in St. Louis in 1967 to give poetic insight into how the civil and social rights movement created the backdrop for his still controversial PhD, Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places.

Part II begins tensely in Los Angeles in 1975, where Humphreys is on the cusp of republishing Tearoom Trade in the radically different post-Stonewall and post-Watergate USA.

After the films Padraig Robinson will join us for a Q&A to discuss the relevance one of sociology’s most radical studies and how it relates to contemporary discussions of intimacy, social presentation, surveillance and data control.

Equal the Contest  – 5.15PM

When a non-binary filmmaker joins a new local women’s footy club in Regional Victoria a simple desire to play becomes a complex journey of inclusion and belonging. An unexpected turn means the team has to fight to play. Their campaign challenges age old sporting traditions and joins the wider movement for gender equity.

Isla’s Way – 7.45PM

Isla Roberts is an 87-year-old carriage driving legend. She defies labels and in particular refuses the label Lesbian.

“I’m not a Lesbian, I’m Isla Roberts…But she is!” Isla says of Susan her lesbian partner of 40 years.

Isla and Susan live together in the Adelaide Hills with two ponies and a dog. Over the course of one year, Isla returns to her remote rural home of her younger years, attends her grandson’s farm wedding, welcomes the arrival of new great-grandchildren and fights to keep carriage driving. Isla’s Way is the story of an extraordinary woman who has lived an inspiring life.

Sunday April 21

The Pivotonian Cinema

Fireworks – 4PM

In the early 80s, two teenagers, Gianni and Nino, collide on their respective mopeds along a country back road.
The collision leads to a deep friendship, and something else too, something that is disapproved of by the families and the village boys. Brave and hungry for life, Gianni and Nino do not care about prejudices and rumors and live freely. A freedom that others do not understand. Based on an incident that kick-started the 1980s gay rights movement in Italy. The story explores first love and the tenderness and courage between those daring to love openly in a time of widespread intolerance.

The Queen of My Dreams – 7.30PM

Azra, a lesbian Pakistani woman living in Toronto, is worlds apart from her conservative Muslim mother. When her father suddenly dies on a trip home to Pakistan, Azra finds herself on a Bollywood-inspired journey through memories, both real and imagined, from her mother’s youth in Karachi to her own coming of age.

Wednesday April 24

The Pivotonian Cinema

Strange Way of Life + Gay Shorts – 7.30PM

Pedro Almodóvar’s western drama stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal as two gunslingers who reunite after a 25-year absence.

Strange Way of Life is presented alongside a collection of gay shorts from around the world.

Friday April 26

The Pivotonian Cinema

Lesbian Shorts 2024 – 6PM

A newly curated collection of Lesbian short films from Australia and around the world.

Hilma – 8.30PM

Hilma reveals the life of a woman who posthumously revolutionised the art world as one of the first abstract artists. In the early 20th century, Hilma af Klint, under the patronage of her artist girlfriend and circle of female friends would develop a style that would become a movement all of its own.

Saturday April 27

The Pivotonian Cinema

Days of Happiness (Les Jours heureux) – 3.00PM

Emma, a talented up-and-coming conductor on the Montreal classical scene, is navigating her toxic relationship with her father and agent Patrick as a great new career opportunity with a prestigious orchestra hangs in the balance. Cellist and single mother Naïlle enters Emma’s life; their budding new romantic relationship offers Emma a new family dynamic. Caught between her career, family, and love, Emma must finally choose if she will live on her terms.

Mutt – 5.45PM

A frenetic day in the life of the Feña, a young trans guy bustling through life in New York City. Over 24 hours, his Chilean father, his straight ex-boyfriend, and his 13-year old half-sister are thrust back into his life.  Feña must navigate the new dynamics of these relationships while tackling the day-to-day challenges such as navigating transportation woes and money problems when a pay check bearing a dead name is rendered uncashable. An openhearted film, Mutt explores with rawness and authenticity the complexity of relationships and identities.

Norwegian Dream – 8.15PM

A Polish man Robert, working at a salmon factory in Norway, is attracted to his colleague Ivar. The relationship is tested by a factory worker’s strike, the young men grapple with issues of cultural displacement, economic inequity, and sexual identity. Robert who left Poland after experiencing a homophobic attack must choose between love and his newly found comfort with his sexuality or his family’s financial security.

Sunday April 28

The Pivotonian Cinema

Hidden Master: The Legacy of George Platt Lynes – 2.15PM

George Platt Lynes is best remembered for his portraits of celebrities, but his heart, passion, and most extraordinary talent lay elsewhere—in his work with the male nude. This work, sensual and radically explicit for its time, has only recently begun being fully discovered and appreciated.

Hidden Master uncovers the life of Lynes less known: his gifted eye for the male form, revealing a stunning collection of photography from the 1930s-50s, his longterm friendships with Gertrude Stein and Alfred Kinsey, and his lasting influence as one of the first openly gay American artists.

Gender Frontiers Short Films 2024 – 4.30PM

Gender Frontiers Short films is a collection of films that explore the experiences of transgender, gender diverse and nonbinary people. This will be a special event featuring the locally made documentary short film Out In The World.

Happy Endings Short Films – 7.30PM

A collection of 9 short films from around the world that have positive, uplifting or humorous outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people.

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