B&B Sign Offers Male, Female and Gay Options For Toilet Users

gay toilet sign

A bed and breakfast sign in Cavallino, in the Lecce region of Italy, offers three bathroom options – male, female and gay.

The toilet sign shows the typical male and female symbols, along with a third symbol for ‘gay’, with a figure scratching its head.


LGBT rights groups have denounced the sign, saying it seems to be a confusion between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Gianluca Rollow, from the LGBT organisation LEA, said the sign is “homophobic”, and that it is “misleading”.

“It’s shocking that in 2017 there are still cases like this, where there’s great confusion between gender identity and sexual orientation, and it’s flaunted in such misleading and homophobic signs in public places, which are demeaning and do much harm,” he said.

According to ANSA, the owner has agreed to take down the sign, claiming it had been there since the “previous administration” and “somebody decided to uncover it and make it visible again”.

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