Gay teen posts footage of bullies in viral TikTok

landon jones gay teen
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A gay teen has posed footage of two incidents of bullying in a viral TikTok. California high school student Landon Jones decided to post the video after bullies harassed him at home.

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The 18-year-old said after putting up with bullying since fifth grade, his tormentors finally went too far.

“I have been called ‘f_ggot’ countless times at school, and it literally doesn’t bother me at all. The fact that they came to my house does.”

The gay teen’s video commences with an incident that occurred in August. A group of young men surrounded Landon’s car in a Starbucks parking lot. One of the men calls him a ‘f_cking f_ggot’.

The next incident occurred on September 29. A young man knocks on the door of the family home, seemingly unaware of the home surveillance camera recording him. When Landon Jones’s father answers, the kid asks “Does Landon live here?”

“Yes,” replies the father, “Why?”

“Someone said to come up here,” says the visitor before screaming as he runs off, “Because he’s a f_ggot!”

He then leaps into the passenger seat of a waiting car before it speeds off.

Landon Jones told viewers that the bullies harassing him and his family at home caused him immense distress.

“I was crying”

“I remember being up in my room, hearing it, and I heard what he said — I immediately jumped out of bed and walked outside to see what was happening — I had no sleep that night — I was honestly really upset — I was crying.”

Landon said both the bully in the Starbucks video and the driver of the car in the other incident attend his school. He has heard that the young man who knocked on his family’s door attends a nearby school.

He said he decided to post the footage to TikTok after years of ignoring the harassment.

“I’m sick of being silent about it. So I finally spoke up.”

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  1. Julian
    17 October 2022

    This Guy is probably going to be a Great Lawyer Barrister one day. Very intelligent young man.
    Trump has done so much damage to human rights in the USA.
    More Power to this young man SOLIDARITY.

  2. Peter Turner
    18 October 2022

    Revenge is sweet.
    Good on Landon for taking a stand and hopefully there will be consequences for the bullies.
    My only concern is that this escalates the situation and he is physically harmed.

  3. Peter Turner
    21 December 2022

    Finish the post by naming and shaming the bullies and publishing their addresses.
    Let them cop some hate speech and personal abuse.
    Ringleaders in this sort of abuse often do it to hide their own internalised homophobia.

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