For many of us in the LGBT community, our pets are like our children and are an integral part of our families. They offer love, companionship and unwavering support no matter what so it is little wonder that LGBT celebrities who work amongst the fickleness of show business love their pets so much! QNews would like to introduce you to the four legged members of some of our community’s most famous families.



Elton John loves his companion Arthur so much that he even brings him on television talk shows, but that just the beginning of it! When Elton and his now husband David had a civil union ceremony back in 2005, Arthur the cocker spaniel served as best man, and would later receive a musical credit on Elton’s Album The Captain and the Kid for providing ‘woof bells’.


Graham Norton’s ex boyfriend Trevor Patterson once told the Daily Mail that their relationship was too crowded, claiming that  ‘There were four of us in the partnership.’ Patterson was referring to Norton’s two dogs, a labradoodle called Bailey and a terrier called Madge. 


Ellen DeGeneres has long been known as an animal lover and features a regular segment on her show dedicated to pet heroes. She and wife Portia De Rossi have a number of pets themselves but one cute little little fella seems to get all the attention – meet Woof, who Ellen described to People magazine as: “kind of a poodle-Maltese mix and he’s a rescue off of the street.”


Ruby Rose has always stood out from the crowd and tried to be a little bit different so it is little wonder that in finding a pet, the Aussie star chose something a little less ordinary. Meet Hazel, the gorgeous black and white pig that lives Rose and her fiance Phoebe Dahl. And just like her mamma Ruby, Hazel is a star in her own right with a huge online following on social media.


Darren Hayes on had a hit single called the ‘Animal Song’ and anyone who follows Darren on any type of social media platform knows that he and his pooch Wally are inseparable. As a kid Darren also had a pet snake named Dog and a pet dog named Snake, however one day Snake ate Dog (the dog ate the snake). Sounds like Darren’s pets really did live in a savage garden!


Jesse Tyler Ferguson really is part of a modern family. Together with husband Justin Mikita, Ferguson has a morkie named Leaf who was named after Leaf Coneybear, a character that Ferguson played in the Broadway production of ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. The couple described Leaf as a “starter baby” to People magazine when asked if they wanted to be parents. Leaf is a recent puppy school graduate after being sent to puppy bootcamp because he liked to bark too much.



Jodie Foster has a life long fear of cats after being attacked and briefly carried by a lion while filming on the set of Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha in 1972. Understandably she’s more of a dog person and has an adorable golden retriever names Spinee. Foster and her four legged friend are very close and when Spinee underwent major surgery earlier this month, Foster reached out to Twitter for support. “May I ask one favor? My dog Spinee needs your prayers,” she Tweeted in. “She just came out of a difficult surgery 20 minutes ago … She is my beloved.” Foster has been giving regular updates on Spinee’s condition and is clearly grateful for the support. “With prayers like this I feel confident Spinee will be fine,” she wrote. “Thank you more than you will ever know.”