Gay Muslim Man Faces Deportation to Iran

Gay Muslim Men

A gay Muslim man faces deportation to Iran from the United Kingdom. The man, unnamed for legal reasons, fled Iran after his friend was arrested as a result of the religious police seizing a video that allegedly shows the pair kissing.

The man then applied for asylum in the UK.

Mr Justice Freeman ruled on the asylum appeal. He found that there was no evidence that the video existed. The judge ruled the man would not necessarily be at any risk if deported to Iran.

“He [the asylum seeker] says he fled when he realised a member of his coterie had been arrested by them, apparently leaving an incriminating video in their hands, showing unseemly activity on the part of this appellant and others.”

Engaging in buggery

The judge further referred to the asylum seeker as “engaging in buggery” and described being gay as a “predilection.”

Ben Summerskill of Stonewall critiicsed the judge’s decision. He also called for Freeman’s resignation in a letter to Home Secretary, Charles Clarke. Mr Summerskill claimed that Freeman’s language “could raise fears parts of the judiciary were institutionally homophobic.”

However, earlier this year, in the first ruling of its kind, an Appeal Court Judge, Lord Justice Keene, quashed the judgement of an Immigration Appeal Tribunal that denied a gay Palestinian asylum seeker the right to an immigration appeal.

It is known that at least two gay Muslim asylum seekers committed suicide rather than risk deportation to Iran. It is also believed that some four thousand gay men have been executed for their sexuality in Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

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