Gay man shares story of airport hookup from hell

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Hookups can be fairly simple affairs, but they can also go terribly wrong, as one Reddit user discovered.

Reddit user femboyfatale123 took to the online forum to share the story, which began while he was staying in an airport hotel.

“This morning I was super horny and really wanted hook up with a local guy to give him bj,” he wrote.

The man found an older gentleman on a hookup app, and said he decided on a whim to invite the man to the hotel room.

“After 45 minutes to an hour of fun, I thought I’d never see this dude again because I’m flying home this afternoon,” he wrote.

“Wrong. I went to the gate when they started boarding. Guess who was pre-boarding with his wife and children?”

The poor guy had to sit way too close to the couple for the length of the flight.

“To make matters worse, they are just a couple rows from me and I can hear all their conversations,” he said.

“I’m in the plane right now and he keeps texting. I am saving screenshots in case I need them in the future.

“I’m sitting here wondering how he was able to get away from his family that long.”

“He was staying at the same hotel, which now just dawned on me because he made it to my room super fast. This is so uncomfortable.”

But, the man said, it just kept getting worse.

“He texted me in the plane asking me to keep quiet,” he said.

“And then also wanted to stay in touch and text me later because he now knows we live in the same city.”

Reddit users response to guy’s Grindr hookup from hell

Femboyfatale123 posted the tale in the Today I Fucked Up subreddit.

Most pointed out that the person at fault was the married man, who had been dishonest to both his wife and his hook-up.

“If he’s sitting next to her and still texting you, that’s stealthy af. Otherwise, she knows,” one person responded.

But another was skeptical, writing, “This story runs on TIFU pretty much weekly… I expect better plot twists, better reveals, better shock value.”

Someone else pointed out that the whole situation may be agreed between the married couple.

“Maybe this is their kink, they may have an open marriage,” the person suggested.

“Maybe she cheated on him a dozen times last month. Or, he’s just your garden variety douche.

“Either way, this isn’t your fuckk up, and you don’t have to own it.”

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