Gay escorts threaten to out notorious homophobe ‘Lady G’

Lady G

American gay escorts threatened on Twitter yesterday to out a notorious homophobe they nickname ‘Lady G’. Escort and adult performer Sean Harding kicked things off when he tweeted that every sex worker he knew had at some stage been hired by the notorious Republican senator.

The senator in question was formerly an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. During Trump’s presidential campaign, Lindsay Graham, oops — Lady G — described him as “a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot…”


Of course, millions of people agree with that assessment. However, the senator himself changed his mind so dramatically that political commentators still struggle to comprehend the U-turn. In 2019, he said of Trump, “I personally like him. We play golf. He’s very nice to me.”

Lady G now frequently makes the news for his apparently unqualified support of Trump.

Lady G denies being gay

Despite years of speculation about his sexuality, he denies being gay. Broadway star Patty LuPone last year tweeted about him after he defended racist tweets by Trump. She called him a disgrace and called on him to ‘just come out’. Conservatives quickly accused the longtime LGBTIQ ally of homophobia.

It appears however that the latest round of speculation will prove far more damaging. The American mainstream media, while not yet reporting on the story, are certainly sniffing around. Also, lawyers are offering pro bono legal services to any escort who wishes to break the Non-Disclosure Agreement Lady G allegedly insists they sign before paying for their services.

The revelations yesterday prompted speculation that Lady G’s patronage of escorts perhaps helped explain why he suddenly became so supportive of Trump.

The politics of outing

Outing people for their sexuality often attracts opprobrium. However,  activists and authors Dan Savage and Michelangelo Signorile took to Twitter to explain.


We leave the last word to Kiko on Twitter.

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