People have made a bizarre discovery about this Christmas movie

a very cool christmas movie 2004
Photo: Twitter

Twitter users are baffled to discover producers of a 2004 Christmas movie filmed two near-identical versions – one with two gay dads, and one without.

The two versions of A Very Cool Christmas are almost identical, except for a tweak to the title and one jarring change to family scenes.


The American version features opposite-sex parents for lead character Lindsay. But in the original Canadian version, she has two gay dads.

Lindsay’s straight parents are played by actors Barclay Hope and Ingrid Torrance. Her two fathers are played by Barclay Hope (again) and Adam Harrington.

A Twitter user discovered the two versions are both available through different streaming services, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Another Twitter user made a video of the films playing side-by-side.

In the bizarre video, the family scene is virtually identical. Same dialogue, same lighting, and practically the same shots. The only difference is the gender of one of the parents.

“They had to have shot them on the same day, the lighting and everything else about the scene matches too well next to each other,” one Twitter user observed.

“That means they’d do a take, swap out the actor/actress, and then do the take again for the different version. That’s f***ing hilarious.”

Another joked, “I’m imagining a feature where both movies are on stream and you can seamlessly switch like changing the language or the subtitles. ‘Yes I’ll watch this but in Gay.'”

Watch the comparison between the two versions of the Christmas movie below:

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