‘Gay Cure’ Therapist Suspended For Allegedly Having Sex With Male Patients


A Canadian psychiatrist who claimed he could “cure” patients of same-sex attraction has been found guilty of having sex with two of his male patients as part of the “treatment”.

Dr Melvyn Iscove, who believes homosexuality is a “disorder” that can be “overcome”, was found guilty of sexual misconduct by Ontario’s medical regulator, the Toronto Star reported.

The 72-year-old allegedly engaged in oral sex and mutual masturbation with two of his patients during their therapy sessions, and had anal sex with one of them in his office, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario discipline committee found.

Both of the former patients, who are now in their 40s, came forward claiming their relationship with Dr Iscove became sexual after they began seeing him for problems relating to depression and anxiety.

“Neither complainant described any emotional or romantic aspects of the sexual activity with Dr Iscove, and both said that at some point, they thought that the sexual activity was part of the therapy and an attempt to cure them of homosexuality by engaging in the acts, rather than fantasizing about them,” the committee wrote in a report.

Dr Iscove strongly denied the allegations, which date back to the late 1980s, the 1990s and 2000s, the Toronto Star reported.

He was described by the committee as having a “special interest in the treatment of patients with problems related to homosexuality,” and his licence was suspended pending a penalty hearing, at which his license will likely be revoked.

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