Gay couple who built a forever home for rescue dogs

Ron Danta Danny Robertshaw Forever Home
Ron and Danny at home with some of their four legged friends. Image: Supplied

Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw have dedicated their lives to animal welfare-  ensuring every dog has a ‘forever home’.

Ron and Danny first met at a horse show in ’80s, but it would take nearly 10 years for the two to become a couple

“We met at a horse show in 1980, when we were both 25 and had recently arrived in South Carolina from other parts of the U.S,” Danny said.

“We are both equestrians, and a mutual acquaintance introduced us. It was very brief. Ron was married to a woman at the time.”

“I found Danny very attractive,” Ron said. “But at that time I was fighting myself. I wondered if that’s how everybody felt sometimes.”

It wasn’t until 1990 that the pair would finally get together, and their journey to creating their animal sanctuary began.

“We came to the relationship with a passion for rescuing dogs, it’s who we were. ” Ron said.

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“We had each already been taking home dogs from local shelters, or from the side of the road, for
years, and then talking friends into adopting them.

“We just had no idea that it would eventually become a full-scale enterprise that would resonate around the globe!”

Ron and Danny share their story in ‘Forever Home’

In their new novel Forever Home, Ron and Danny want to share their love of dogs with the world, and encourage everyone to be the best pet owner they can be.

“One very important lesson is that when you take in a dog, it is forever,” Danny said.

“You make a lifetime promise to that animal, no matter who that animal turns out to be.

“When you have a child and you take the baby home from the hospital, you might think it’s going to be some kind of combination of its mother and father, but maybe it’s like it’s great Uncle Sidney that you never heard of, and you have to learn who the baby is as he grows.

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“It’s the same with a dog. It’s a commitment. Your home has to be the dog’s forever home.”

In addition to Forever Home highlighting their dog sanctuary, readers can also except a love story as the two men share about their decades-long relationship

“Our tale spans 43 years, including the decades before gay marriage was legal, the wedding we were finally allowed to have, and the ups and downs of any relationship,” they said.

“It’s a sweeping saga of two men in the South Carolina countryside who fate finally brought together and who then used their love to help man’s fellow creatures who don’t have a voice.”

Forever Home is now available for purchase.

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