Gay couple adopts dog abandoned by homophobic owners for ‘being gay’

north carolina fezco gay dog
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A dog dumped at shelter because his homophobic former owners complained he was “gay” has now found a forever home with a gay couple.

The poor pooch, who was named Fezco, is four or five years old. Earlier this month his previous, homophobic owners left him at an animal shelter in Stanly County, North Carolina after seeing him humping another male dog.

Of course, mounting and humping are normal canine behaviours, whether it’s other animals, people, or objects. But Fezco’s owners seemed convinced it was proof he was gay.

Now gay couple Steve Nichols and partner John, who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, have adopted Fezco into their loving home. They’ve renamed him Oscar, after Oscar Wilde.

“We just thought it would make sense for the gay dog to be adopted by a loving gay family,” Nichols told local TV station WCCB.

When Steve and John heard the dog’s story on the local TV station they felt they could relate to Oscar’s situation.

“We’ve been subject to that kind of bigotry and ignorance throughout our lives together,” Nichols explained.

“We couldn’t always do anything about it.

“We looked at each other and said, ‘We can do something about this.’”

He explained he considers the workers at the animal shelter the “real heroes” for helping Oscar.

Oscar the dog getting medical care before moving in with gay couple

Now, Oscar is seeing a vet to get medical care. Sadly, that includes treating him for heartworms, and neutering him, both of which the previous owners failed to do.

But when Oscar gets out of the animal hospital, he’ll move in with the gay couple and their other dog, Harry, a terrier-chihuahua mix.

“I know it’s silly to think that a dog is gay, but if he wants to be gay as hell, he can be gay here,” Nichols told the Charlotte Observer.

“We’ll still love him and take care of him.”

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