Gay San Francisco Cop Accuses Colleagues Of Homophobic Bullying

San Fransisco Police Officer

A San Francisco police officer has alleged he was repeatedly harassed by his superiors because he is gay, and says the bullying got worse after he reported it.

Brendan Mannix has accused colleagues of frequently making comments about his sexual orientation, including calling him a “queen,” “too dramatic,” and insulting his masculinity, according to Mannix’s attorney Lawrence Organ.

According to Mannix’s attorney, two sergeants at his station frequently made comments about his sexual orientation, including calling him a “queen,” “too dramatic” and insulting his masculinity, the San Francisco Chronicle.

The sergeant allegedly would also mock Mannix’s hair style and physical appearance, with comments like, “Is that hair big enough?!” and “How much do you weigh? One hundred pounds soaking wet?” The sergeant told him, “don’t be such a queen,” when Mannix said he was cold.

According to the lawsuit, one sergeant suggested Mannix was in a sexual relationship with the other gay officer at the station. When Mannix exhibited behavior the sergeant considered stereotypically gay, he would say, “Ugh, you gays!” or “God, you gays!”

When the officer attempted to solve the problem on his own, speaking directly with the sergeants, one of the sergeants got into his face, saying, “If you think I am a bully, file a f—ing complaint.”

The 28 year-old officer filed a formal complaint, but he alleges the sergeant who took the report was “dismissive” and omitted many of the incidents he reported, and the complaint was later closed.

Mannix claims in the lawsuit he believes that the station is now retaliating against him, giving him unfavorable assignments.

“In April 2017, he chased a robbery suspect down Market Street and radioed for backup. No one from his station immediately showed up to help and Mannix apprehended the suspect himself,” Organ said.

Officers from a neighboring station eventually arrived on the scene to assist, the attorney said.

The Police Department said it could not comment on the lawsuit, but a spokesperson told the Chronicle the department takes “allegations of discrimination and officer misconduct seriously and will thoroughly investigate all complaints.”

“The San Francisco Police Department is committed to diversity, tolerance and respect for the public and all of our members,” the spokesperson said.

“Department members are sworn to hold each other accountable and required to act swiftly to report any misconduct.”

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