Gay Community Periodic Surveys: Champions of Change 

QCGP+ gay community periodic survey

Rebecca Reynolds writes on the contribution of changemakers within our communities. Right now, the annual Gay Community Periodic Survey is taking place. Recently, QC launched the inclusive chosen families General Practice, QCGP+.

Changemakers recognise what needs to change and act to make it happen. They recognise that things may not look different on a day-to-day basis. Change can be incremental. However, when lasting positive change happens, we can all look back and see how far we’ve come.


Hard at the beginning.

Messy in the middle.

Gorgeous at the end.

We can see this pattern in so many pieces of our lives.

Changemakers come in all shapes and sizes with different levels of structural power. Yet the shared integrity of those who create change for the greater good is just that: shared. That shared integrity exists no matter the perceived power.

Changemakers include Gay Community Periodic Survey volunteers. They contribute their time and energy to ensuring our lives are recorded. That informs decision making and writes our bodies and relationships into history as recorded in the here and now.

Gay Community Periodic Survey

The Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS) is an annual, cross-sectional survey of gay men conducted in the Brisbane and Cairns areas of Queensland. It is a key part of Australia’s behavioural surveillance system for HIV, monitoring sexual practices, drug use and patterns of testing for HIV and other STIs.

Community members who participate in surveys like GCPS are also changemakers. Their participation helps make our services inclusive. Because organisations like QC should represent the diversity of our population. And also because change presents us with a myriad of obstacles.

Change (to use the obvious metaphor) is a marathon – not a sprint. With obstacles such as disability, poor mental health and discrimination placed in your way, it’s difficult to complete the first 100 metres, let alone reach the finish line.

Changemakers are those like the team at QC who asked our communities what it is they wanted from a health service.



QCGP+ is QC’s new inclusive chosen families General Practice. We listened to what you told us you wanted from a General Practice. You told us you wanted a safe, community-led, inclusive, and non-judgmental service to support you with all your physical and mental health needs. As such the “+” in QCGP+ represents our holistic approach to your health and well-being and reminds us of our foundations from within the HIV epidemic.

And as changemakers, these are just two of the activities that give us the chance to serve our communities in their messy and beautiful entirety, to not leave people behind nor make invisible the obstacles that have and are still are impacting lives in very real ways.

We’ll keep fighting for change and supporting those who are at the forefront of that change. Those members of our communities who are volunteering their time to write our lives into the records are the true Champions of Change. If you want to support us and our work, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Rebecca Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds is the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (QC) E:

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