Gay Catholic priests staged a ‘mass coming out’ to protest church

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More than 120 priests, officials and employees of the Catholic Church in Germany have outed themselves as LGBTIQ to protest discrimination so they can “live openly without fear” in the church.

The group of 125 people included priests, religion teachers and administrative employees.

They identified themselves as the supporters of a new initiative #OutInChurch calling for “a church without fear.”

In a petition, the group wrote that some had “bravely and dared” to come out in the past. However others have only “just taken the step”.

“We no longer want to remain silent,” they wrote.

On social media, the group have posted a list of demands for the Roman Catholic Church.

They want the church leadership bring an end to “outdated statements of church doctrine” when it comes to sexuality and gender.

They’re demanding the church to oppose all LGBTIQ+ discrimination in all its forms.

“We want to be able to live and work openly as LGBTIQ+ persons in the church without fear,” the statement read.

“Defamatory and outdated statements of church doctrine on sexuality and gender needs to be revised on the basis of theological and human scientific findings.

“This is of utmost relevance especially in view of worldwide church responsibility for the human rights of LGBTIQ+ persons.”

They said LGBTIQ Roman Catholics must have access to “all fields of activists and occupation in the Church without discrimination.”

Out In Church also opposed church employment rules declaring being gay a “breach of loyalty or a reason for dismissal”.


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Vatican declares Catholic priests can’t bless ‘sinful’ gay couples

The Out in Church group also want the church to give all queer people of faith access to God’s blessings and sacraments.

Last year, the Vatican declared the Catholic Church can’t bless same-sex unions because God “does not and cannot bless sin.”

A few months later, 100 priests in Germany publicly defied Pope Francis and offered their blessings to same-sex couples (pictured above) despite the Vatican ban.

Now the new group of queer Catholics wants leaders to “take responsibility” for the historical LGBTIQ discrimination.

“In dealing with LGBTIQ+ persons, the church has caused much suffering throughout its history,” they declared.

“We expect bishops to take responsibility for this on behalf of the church, to address the institutional history of guilt and to advocate for the changes we call for.”

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