Gay actor Ramón Fossati fired from Jesus role for too much skin

Ramón Fossati, Jesus actor

Spanish authorities fired Ramón Fossati who from his role as Jesus Christ in an easter parade because of his hand movements and his supposedly revealing costume. He thinks the real reason is his sexuality. He is openly gay.

Flashed his shoulder!

The Times reported that the Junta Mayor de Semana Santa Marinera, the authorities in charge of organising Spain’s Holy Week celebrations for easter, reprimanded Ramón Fossati during last year’s parade. They claimed he flashed a naked shoulder and waved his arms in an ostentatious amnner.

They accused the actor of “ostentation and parody” and appearing to give “false blessings” to the crowd during his performance.

Ramon told The Times he simply waved to the crowd. Also,he based his costume on traditional depictions of Jesus.

He is deeply religious and he considered the ban “the worst thing that could happen.”

“It could be jealousy. Or maybe it was punishment for being gay.

“But everyone where I live knows my sexual orientation and it is not an issue.”

The poor guy, who’s reportedly played Jesus for 30 years, is out of the parade until 2019. The authorities also slapped him with a 60 Euro fine.

Semana Santa Marinera

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