Gargle the Rainbow: Pride merch for every taste

pride listerine rainbow LGBT sandwich butt plug IKEA

Once it was enough to wave a rainbow flag to celebrate Pride. Now however, marketers who once ignored LGBTIQ communities, can’t wait to throw pride-themed merch at us.  From Listerine mouthwash to an LGBT sandwich to IKEA carry bags and butt plugs, retailers are painting their products rainbow.

Some do it to show support and fundraise for charity. Others do it purely for profit. No doubt, they all make a pink buck or two along the way.

British supermarket chain Marks and Spencer (M&S) kicked things off with their Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato sandwich (LGBT).

The pride-themed snack raised funds for a homeless LGBT+ youth charity, a worthwhile cause.

Nevertheless, some still saw the promotion as a cynical attempt to cash in on LGBTIQ culture, symbolism and the pink dollar.



IKEA followed with their rainbow carry bag. Too their credit, IKEA is donating 100 percent of their profit to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The US based HRCF works to achieve equality for individuals within the LGBT+ communities.

Spit, don’t swallow

Johnson & Johnson are the latest to join the Pride party. For American Pride month this June they  introduced a rainbow coloured Listerine bottle as part of their Care with Pride range.

The range caused a lot of comment across social media.

The Rainbow Butt Plug

Finally, for those not satisfied with the LGBT sandwich, the IKEA carry bag or the Pride Listerine mouthwash, Etsy has a listing for a rainbow fox fur butt plug.


pride IKEA listerine mouthwash LGBT sandwich

“This fun and colourful rainbow tail butt plug features a high quality beginner’s sized plug securely attached to a super soft faux fox tail.”

Neither the sandwich nor the mouthwash are available in Australia. However both the IKEA bag and the rainbow butt plug are available online.

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