GADGET OF THE MONTH: Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony’s new SmartWatch 3  hosts a powerful 1.2ghz quad-core processor and 512MB of RAM. Along with built in GPS, support for Micro USB, Bluetooth and NFC, and a swag of features including ambient light sensors, Gyro and an Accelerometer, the SmartWatch 3 is a fun and useful accessory.

Weighing 45 grams, the SmartWatch is water and dust proof, and comes with a 1.6 inch, 320 pixel x 320 pixel LCD display. The Micro USB port for charging allows you to plug the charging cable directly into the watch, without needing to use a separate charging cradle.


The SmartWatch 3 runs Google’s Android Wear operating system for watches. Android wear syncs to your android phone, showing information such as the weather, upcoming calendar events and incoming notifications, all displayed as cards.

You can swipe the card left to see more information about it, or to open the related app on your phone. Swiping right dismisses the card. The SmartWatch 3 also responds to voice commands, you can ask the watch to set a timer , ask for the weather forecast or check your schedule. You’re also able to dictate emails or sms messages to send to contacts, and make web searches. Certain queries such as “what is the time in Paris?” will immediately give you an answer on screen, while others, such as, “how do you change a car tyre?” will bring up a list of Google search results.

With 4GB storage built in, It allows you to store and stream music to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You can even track your activity and movements using the built in GPS and Lifelog app.

The SmartWatch 3 provides the perfect combination of functionality and style and is available at Sony Centre Brisbane for $299.