Furries rescue library from mayor’s homophobic slash & burn

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An online group of furries rescued a library from the actions of a homophobic mayor. The Mississippi bigot held $110,000 of funding hostage to his demand to remove all ‘homosexual’ books.

Of course, books do not possess sexuality or gender. But no one tell the dickhead that. He’ll burn everything if he hears books are non-binary.

Anyway back to our furry heroes.

In January, Madison County Library System waited in vain for its first 2022 quarterly payment from the city of Ridgeland. The executive director called the mayor. ‘Mean’ Gene McGee told Tonja Johnson he would not forward the money until she removed all ‘homosexual materials’.

The books, he said, went against his Christian principles.

Tonja Johnson responded that the library is not a religious institution. It is there to serve the entire community.

Mean Gene insisted ‘he only serves the great Lord above’. Apparently, voters and ratepayers don’t matter.

Concerned that without the funding she would need to lay off employees, the librarian launched an online fundraiser for $2,500.

Furries to the rescue

And then the furries stepped in.

Furries dress up in full-body costumes of furry animals. Some are gay, some are straight, some are bi – they’re a diverse community. And they’re accustomed to bigotry so they actively oppose it.

A furry named Soatok noticed the fundraiser and notified his 5,000 followers.

“This isn’t small potatoes but it’s within the reach of the amounts raised by furries for charities at conventions all the time. Do you think we can crowdfund this library and tell their mayor to f_ck off?”

Soatok kicked things off with $500. Other furries shared his post. Donations flooded in. The library raised the goal to $75,000. Donations currently stand at $83,499.59.

And the library, by law, should receive local municipal funding also. The library board decides funding, not the mayor. Mean Gene’s only role is to pass on the money.

Furries, we salute you.

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  1. Randy Malone
    6 February 2022

    Great work! Everyone involved should be proud of their stepping up! We WILL wii out in the end over these insufferable bigots.

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