Frankie Goes to Hollywood: RELAX – original uncensored video

frankie goes to hollywood relax
RELAX - Banned 1984 video clip uncensored version, Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The original music video for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s RELAX never made it to broadcast TV in 1984. Because it was shot in a leather bar featuring gay men and drag queens, it was thought too ‘explicit’.

In fact, the BBC banned RELAX from both television and radio despite the song’s Number 6 position in the charts.

Afterward, the song topped the UK singles chart for five weeks. Later, it went on to become the seventh top-selling single of all time in the UK.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Holly Johnson and Paul Rutherford fronted Frankie Goes to Hollywood, sharing the vocals. The band formed in Liverpool in the early 80s.

The band became only the second group in history to achieve Number I with their first three singles.

Here’s the restored uncensored version.


After a few years of success, the band broke up when Holly Johnson left the group. While he enjoyed success in a solo career, the original band struggled without him.

In 1998, an imposter band stole the name Frankie Goes to Hollywood and toured the US without the real band’s knowledge or consent. The lead singer of the imposter band claimed dishonestly to be Holy Johnson’s brother.

That band performed until September 2000 when Holly Johnson managed to stop their future bookings.

Remixes of the band’s hits meant their continued success despite no longer performing together.

They did consider reuniting in 2003 and some of the band minus Johnson performed in reunions in 2004 and 2005.

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