Founder of anti-LGBTQ college abused 100s of male students

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Jesus Christ! How many more times will we hear of anti-LGBTQ bigots who proselytise against consenting LGBTQ relationships while simultaneously committing sexual abuse? The daughters of Don Ogden, a founder of Indiana’s anti-LGBTQ Christian Grace College, revealed this week that their father sexually abused up to 200 male students.

Don Ogden founded Christian Grace College’s music program and worked at the college for over 40 years. The anti-LGBTQ Grace College bans gay students.

“Items expressly forbidden in the Scripture are not acceptable for members of the Grace Schools community. Examples include pride, greed, lust, slander, drunkenness, profane language, premarital sex, adultery, homosexual behaviour, and prejudice.”

Check out the video below from a former student asked to withdraw from Grace College.

After a whistleblower approached Ogden’s daughters in 2021, they began their own investigation into their father’s crimes. This week they shared the result of that investigation with The Christian Post.

“Our father used his position, his power, his wit, and persuasion to gain the trust of young men, and later perpetrate crimes against them that would change their lives forever. We realize, looking back, that this was sadly still going on when he was 80 years old.”

Don Ogden’s daughters alleged that the college knew about their father’s predation. They said Grace College knew of an incident in 1993 when Kansas police arrested Ogden for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy. After meeting the boy in a mall, Ogden lured him to a nearby field and sexually assaulted him.

The victim later recanted his story and described the encounter as consensual leading police to drop the charges.

Ogden’s daughters allege that to protect the school’s reputation and because of Ogden’s ability as a fundraiser, Grace College swept the matter under the carpet.

“It is with broken hearts that my sister and I are bringing our story forward. After speaking with many Christian experts that handle abuse in Christian institutions, we were told that if there is no public confession and help for the victims given, we must go to the media. After writing eight letters over the last 16 months, we both feel, sadly, that we have absolutely no choice.”

The sisters said their father molested boys for over four decades.

“Incidents occurred touring across the country, in people’s homes, our home, malls, youth conferences, and other places.”

Ogden died in 2015 and Christian Grace College website continues to host a laudatory tribute to the serial abuser.

Time after time

This happens time after time. Anti-LGBTQ hypocrites spewing bigoted filth in public while privately sexually abusing vulnerable people of all ages and genders.

Read: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. And that’s just a small sample of the pious arseholes QNews covered over the years.

Holier-than-thou Godbotherers who rant against other people’s consenting adult behaviour all too often prove serial abusers.


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